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What actually are the Yama Kings of kindred of the east

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    Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
    Ravana wasn't the Ravnos Antediluvian, and he wasn't a childe of Ravnos either, Ravnos Revised reveals he was a Ghoul of Ravnos and he disappeared and next time he is seen he is a Ruler of his own Hell and even offers Ravnos something akin to a pact to become an Akuma, which was declined.
    I disagree, Ravana was written under the diaspora section of Clanbook Ravnos revised by Deird're Brooks were Ramessu, Chandragupta, The Black Mother (Marizhavasti Kali) and Rakshasha (Hazimel according to BJD if you ignore V20 canon agnosticism). All of them are 4th generation in that section.

    - Saga
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