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An idea for "fixing" Blood Magic

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  • An idea for "fixing" Blood Magic

    Blood Magic, one of the most debated/maligned facets of VtM. This came to me a few minutes ago and absolutely hasn't been playtested or subject to any kind of truly serious/rigorous analysis. Still, I would like to hear your thoughts.

    1) Blood Magic is available to anyone with the Occult Knowledge. Casting and learning rituals uses the same dice rolls as VtM.
    2) Some rituals require an associated discipline (Obtenebration for Abyssal Mysticism, Necromancy for Necromancy, etc).
    3) Each Path has an associated ritual with a day long casting time and requires spending a temporary willpower point, when cast you invest a point of willpower into the ritual and until you dismiss the Path by recalling the willpower you are free to use the path at rank 1-5 based on how many successes you manage on a Intelligence + Occult roll (not sure of difficulty for this).
    4) Thaumaturgy is a Tremere clan specific discipline.

    A Tremere may spend a BP and invest knowledge of a ritual (rank can't exceed dots in Thaum) into it by making a Thaum + Occult roll (difficulty 2 + ritual level, may not exceed 10). If consumed by another Tremere they may make their own Thaum + Occult roll at the same difficulty minus the number of successes the giver got, instantly learning the ritual if the succeed. So Bob decides to teach John a level 5 ritual, so he spends a BP and makes a Thaum + Occult roll against a difficulty of 7 and gets two successes. John then consumes the BP and makes his own Thaum + Occult roll against a difficulty of 5 (7 minus 2 for the successes) and if he succeeds he instantly learns the ritual. No XP cost, no research time, etc.

    In addition, Thaumaturgy is rolled (6, impossible to botch) whenever a Tremere is attempting to cast or create a ritual and reduces the difficulty roll by the number of successes.

    Blood mages existed both before and after the Tremere came around but they were rare as the art took a great investment of time and effort to begin learning, much less truly advance and even with a teacher it could take years to master even relatively modest rituals. For the Tremere, that was not the case.

    Rituals came easy to the clan of former Mage's and their unique discipline allowed them to rapidly disseminate the magic that they developed to the entire clan with ease. It might still take years for a new ritual to be developed, but once it was it could be taught to another Tremere in seconds. This allowed them to practice, and advance, blood magic on a scale previously never even imagined and allowed the commercialization of the field in a way previously impossible.

    Theoretically, a non Tremere could be taught Thaum but it would only allow knowledge transfers to those of their descendants who also knew Thaum.

    I think this nicely explains what made the Tremere special when it came to magic while also handling the fact that a great many members of other clans are stated to be Blood Mages and solves one of the bigger problems with Thaumaturgy; multiple paths. Yes, a vamp can still use multiple paths but not at the same time unless they want to tank their willpower (every one requires that you invest, not spend, a point of willpower) and switching requires an entire night of down time (plus spending a willpower point). Not to mention the need to find/learn/create the appropriate ritual for a given path.

    So thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

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    This seems to be assuming non-V5, but have you taken a look at V5 yet? I feel like most of your concerns are resolved there (outside of the multiple paths aspect).

    "The only consistent wisdom is in knowing you know nothing" ~ Socrates


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      Originally posted by Imthestein View Post
      This seems to be assuming non-V5, but have you taken a look at V5 yet? I feel like most of your concerns are resolved there (outside of the multiple paths aspect).
      Yes, and I dislike enough of V5 to be willing to steal bits and pieces of it that I like but otherwise I tend to ignore it.