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    Originally posted by Prometheas View Post

    Is it really that much weirder than an animated corpse moved mostly by magic? I mean, Would magical Vitae freeze like normal blood? Does Magic have a freezing point?

    I find it strange that people can find disciplines that let a vampire turn into a bat par for the course, but are skeptical of vampires being out in the snow without freezing.

    I think that's being a bit disingenuous, there is a mythological precedent for undead being find in the cold. Nukes are a very recent thing, and in the modern mythology they've developed a precedent for killing Everything even if that wasn't actually realistic(IRL: launching a nuke at a space ship wouldn't do much considering most of the damage and EMP only work if the nuke is detonated in atmosphere, otherwise it's a very bright and expensive normal missile)
    I mean, yeah, it is really weird to believe the laws of physics somehow don't affect Vampires unless a specific reason is given, even if it's a supernatural one. So this has nothing to do with finding it unbelievable that Vampires can walk around in the cold but that there can't be a limit to that.

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      Also, specific pages have been cited in old and new showing that there are limitations so I don't even know what the argument against is based on.

      "The only consistent wisdom is in knowing you know nothing" ~ Socrates


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        Originally posted by Imthestein View Post
        Also, specific pages have been cited in old and new showing that there are limitations so I don't even know what the argument against is based on.
        My argument is that vampires being unaffected by the cold isn't really that strange an idea in context. If there are rules for vampires getting popsicled, then by all means, use them. If there weren't it wouldn't be a loss, just saying vampires don't freeze isn't going to overturn the balance of the game.

        It would actually be pretty thematic to have a vampire walking around in the snow just fine with a mortal being that's wearing 3 layers and is still shivering. It fits the whole "Vampirism doesn't really even Seem like a curse, until you have it" deal.


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          Originally posted by V20, p.302
          Vampires suffering from extreme cold might be forced to spend additional blood points or suffer from the effects of frostbite ( -1 or more to Dexterity-based dice pools). In general, though, vampires should not suffer greatly from most "normal" temperature fluctuations.
          I've been using this as the standard for my games, and it's been flexible enough to tell vampire stories where extreme cold is a real (if possibly limited) issue, while still allowing for deep winter stories reminiscent of Let The Right One In or 30 Days Of Night without house ruling. I can't say that I like V5's approach, specifically because it seems to limit that flexibility a lot, but ymmv.
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            V5's rules don't seem too limiting to me either. It's not that vampirism shuts down in the cold, it's that vampires still have physical bodies that hit fundamental limitations (human cells and thirty-below temperatures don't mix well). If it's too much of an inconvenience, use Vitae to blush and you have a supernatural means of warming up, or make it a new application of Fortitude (wouldn't even need a particularly high level).


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              Originally posted by Herr Meister View Post
              I always liked this option. And then the cainite could spend blood to heat up his body, that is not mentioned in the books but it's doable in my opinion.
              In V5 they specify that using a blush of life fools the heat sensing cameras that the second Inquisition use.

              So that's blood or a rouse per scene?

              We've had that rule for V20. But that only helps up to what a human could normally survive at one activation per scene, up to about an hour. Below that, increase the blood consumption requirement as narratively required.

              We did find some weird shit in one game during Russian winters in WW2, Tzimesce that had turned a group of people into a biological heater to keep a tank warm. (I think GM took that from a novel) Gangrel elders staying inside their ghouled Animals to stay warm because the earth is too frozen to earth meld.

              However, the rules you use should really represent the feeling you want for the game - Inhuman monsters, stuff it let them be animated corpses without an issue.
              The weather is more terrible than the Vampire - Blood to stay warm, Or combine the two and generally let them get away from it so you can make an impact of a terrifying winter/magically caused one.