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  • I am curious. Are there any Storytellers who have made Ashes to Ashes into a more working and less railroading campaign and if so how?


    • How I'd change Ashes to Ashes

      In order to make the story less railroady, here's what I would do to change it.

      * The player characters are told where to meet with Edward Neally and he impersonates Lodin the entire time before getting leading questions. He says that their membership in the city is conditional and requests they stay in the city with the Succubus Club listed as a place they should spend the night.

      * The player characters pick up something VERY weird is going on with Neally. They can do investigation with either the Anarchs or Sir. They can meet with Horace at the Cave or the Anarchs but I'm inclined to just skip Horace and have them go to the Anarch meeting. Sir can also give them any info they want about the city.

      * The player characters, if they do go to the Anarchs, encounter Sheriff who reveals that the Prince is missing (unaware or uncaring that it's a major state secret). Sheriff gets humiliated and depending on the PC's actions will want to send them to the Final Death. Indeed, it will be Sheriff who frames them for the murder.

      * From this point on, the PCs can go in any direction they want with Balthazar the one who is advocating they be the Fall Guys just because he's that kind of asshole. Ballard agrees to go along with this plot because he needs to provide "justice" for Lodin and making it a plot of Modius has little way of backfiring.

      * Neally or Damien proceed to tell the PCs that the only way they can save themselves is to find Lodin's real killer. Neally wants the players to rescue Lodin and promises great rewards from the Camarilla. Damien says that the best thing to happen is find the real killers, clear their name, and make sure that Lodin meets an "accident" along the way.

      * The player characters can meet with Ballard who makes the exact same offer as Damien. Ballard would be very happy if Lodin's real killers are found but ALSO "confirmation" of Lodin's death. *wink wink* *cough cough* *hint hint* Ballard promises to protect the PCs and arrange for them to be rewarded if that happens.
      But he's not exactly TRUSTWORTHY either.

      * I'd skip the whole Methuselah angle and shorten the story so it's all about finding Roarke, his Satanic cult, and Lodin as his prisoner.

      * The players can choose which faction to side with or even Lodin.

      What these Changes Mean

      The big focus of the game is making the player characters involve themselves in the Jyhad by choosing which faction and patron to support. Neally, Lodin, Ballard, or Damien all are on different sides of the conflict but want/offer different things. They've also made an enemy of Balthazar for no real fault of their own and he's going to tirelessly pursue them just because he gets his jollies off on murder. The player characters have to learn how to play the game quickly and figure out who they trust or what kind of bargain they can make from it.

      I'd remove the Helena and Menele part of the story because it's confusing the actual story and distracting from the central mystery that is Lodin's kidnapping.

      Changing Roarke's Motivation

      I'm inclined to make Roarke a character that is more formidable than just an angry ghoul and use this to introduce the Sabbat. The player characters arrive at the cult and they'll find Roarke as a 13th generation Tzimisce with Lodin as a prisoner and some flesh crafted monsters plus a bunch of ghouled blood cultists. Roarke was Embraced by the Sabbat as a joke to get information on Lodin and he lost all respect for his master once the Blood Bond was broken. The player characters have gotten lucky by arriving at a time when the rest of the pack is absent (or they can get backup from the Anarchs/Neally). So, they can finish him off without a problem probably.

      However, if the PCs want they can also make a deal with Roarke and the Sabbat. What sort of deal is anyone's guess but if they take it, they may end up as Sabbat spies in the city and joining the Sword of Caine.
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        Let the Streets Run Red is now back from approval.

        Here's the titles of the chapters.


        Author of Cthulhu Armageddon, I was a Teenage Weredeer, Straight Outta Fangton, Lucifer's Star, and the Supervillainy Saga.


        • On Page 225 of CHICAGO BY NIGHT 5E, we have an interesting bit of information on the events of "Blood Bond." Basically, in Edward Neally's entry, it explains that Emily was killed during one of Neally's frenzies. In short, Jackson's plan to drive his sire insane worked too well.

          You're right, Grumpy RPG Reviews, schemes of Kindred never work out well do they?

          Author of Cthulhu Armageddon, I was a Teenage Weredeer, Straight Outta Fangton, Lucifer's Star, and the Supervillainy Saga.