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Camarilla fully backing Scientific Advancement?

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    Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
    They are studying the Ducheski and haven’t reverse engineered them yet, but they are studying them.
    But that’s an interesting idea with the bane research. It would be fun if it went wrong and they accidentally created a line of Ferectoi/Revenant. I’ll totally use that idea for my next game.
    Let me know how that goes

    Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
    Also lets take into account that say the Camarilla also steals tech advancement from governments and industries around the world for their project, though things like Obfuscate to sneak into homes and steal info, Dominate and Auspex to steal knowledge or passwords at least, or just possessing the body of certain individuals involved in black ops projects and stealing the data directly.
    At some point I imagine they will stumble upon some really good tech from say Pentex, DNA, and Techies.
    I can see the highest scientists and Engineers of such projects developing Enlightened Science paradigm of Sorcery. I always figured that is what DNA uses.
    Really, it all depends on what the game you're running is - Having Scientists working on developing science as a paradigm of Sorcery works for Mage games, but is pretty useless for Werewolf themes and games, it won't bring anything to it (even if the cosmology can be made to mesh)

    Just like Vampire, having info coming from the tech giants is probably going to be a best fit for just using influence and backgrounds; Maybe if that's a failure (Narratively) it'd be a good hook for lower level PCs to do a favour, or pay a favour to an elder; maybe even mid-power PCs if you're going to throw in Fomori or First Team Security.


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      Well Sorcerer revised which talks about Tech Sorcerer/Science is a general World of Darkness Book. And Werewolf already has super science, as they have Cyborgs and DNA in their corebooks. Its just they are more likely to fight the results of mad scientists rather then the team of scientists that made them.

      It is a time for great deeds!


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        I had a thought last night that kind of permeated my dreams for a way of creating Revenants, and it actually links with Tech Science.

        The Technocracy (And possibly others) would have tools for determining a meta-human nature, or it could be within the paradigm, I assume.
        With that kind of magi-tech paradigm, a bit of the right spheres could either create or assist in the creation of Revenants - Force creation is a bit much, but the right semi-suppressor of Vitae could overcome the Ghoul infertility issue allowing a Ghouled woman to carry a Ghouled fetus to term, with it growing (and Aging) while still having vitae in it's system when gestating; which is (I believe, and in the games our extended players all participate in) the crux of the issue why Ghouls don't usually create revenants and why Spiritual (often fertility spirits) intervention is required to make a Revenant family work.

        So, if the Technocracy could potentially facilitate it with their technology but it would be against their agenda (Probably)
        So you're looking for Theft of the Tech, a Rogue operative, or splinter operation that believes in uplifting all of humanity in becoming a form of Homo-superior (as long as they believe in the correct world view) Even if it's just a short term solution to help wipe out other mages or another supernatural before wiping out the Revenants.