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Organovore. Could you feed from the dead? What about from surgical organ removal?

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  • Organovore. Could you feed from the dead? What about from surgical organ removal?

    Flaw: (••) Organovore. Could you feed from the dead? such as from corpses? What about from surgical organ removal (Such as cancerous organ removal and amputated limbs?)

    ( Organovore. You can slake Hunger only by eating human flesh and organs, especially those rich in blood such as the heart, liver, lungs, placenta, and spleen. (Most organovore Kindred these nights make smoothies from the organs first.) Only the heart provides Resonance, if any.​)

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    Yes and yes, imo. You just can't drop below Hunger 1 without killing someone in the process.

    My Organovore uses this homebrew Predator Type, which represents stealing cadavers and parts of cadavers to eat.


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      My reading of this is dependent on one big assumption; all the rules that apply to a normal vampire's diet also apply to the diet of an organovore, except where the flaw's text says otherwise.

      • You cannot feed on cold blood, such as that of a corpse, unless you have the Iron Gullet merit. Organs from a cold corpse would likewise not work.
      • OTOH, blood is still good for 15 minutes "out of the body". (V5, p212) Either this means the victim can only be dead 15 minutes, the blood-rich organs can only be eaten for 15 minutes after removal, or this "flaw" allows blood-rich organs to serve as impromptu blood storage items. I lean toward the first two to keep the flaw a flaw.
      • Removing the organ surgically is fine. I'm not sure what other option there is. Any organ removal involves surgery of varying degrees of professionalism and gore. A surgeon with a scalpel and a bone-saw might be more elegant, but it's the same basic physical mechanism as a psycho with a buck knife and a hack-saw.
      • Note, however, that professional surgery is usually done under general anesthesia, see V5 p310 for the effects of tainted blood.
      • Cancerous organ removal is not a problem in itself. Most patients, however, will have received either chemo or radiation therapy, as well. The organ may be contaminated. See the rules for drugged blood and contaminated blood, again page 310.
      • "Amputated limbs" is a little vague. If the limb is amputated due to gangrene, MRSA, or similar advanced disease state, that brings us back to contaminated blood. If the limb is removed either by a trauma (think tripping in front of a subway train), or by complications from trauma (think lawnmower accident in which the limb was still attached, but too far gone to save), then bon-appetit.
      • The flaw clearly says "only by eating human flesh and organs". (emphasis added) So, it would appear you are unable to feed on animals or bagged blood, even at low blood potency.

      Some issues I don't know how to resolve:
      • What if you do drink straight blood, such as to hide your flaw from other vampires? Do you throw it back up like other food? Does it soak into your system with no effect?
      • You can only reduce your Hunger with human flesh. What about ghouls, and other supernaturals? If vampire flesh does not work, are you unable to feed from a vampire at all? Can you commit diablerie? Be blood bound?
      • If you start chewing off someone's appendage, do they get the same pleasure-pain-stupor mix as with the Kiss? First hunch, I would say being cannibalized is never pleasant. But, then, there are times when having, ahem, part of your body in someone's mouth is pleasant.
      • Why in the world can Ventrue not take this flaw? I would think "needs to eat the organs of a retired military officer" is sufficiently worse than "needs to eat human organs" to make it still an acceptable clan flaw.