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Another Shuffle of the Clan: Post Gehenna Sabbat edition!

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  • Another Shuffle of the Clan: Post Gehenna Sabbat edition!

    This is a preV5 scenario.
    So a common forum game is to reshuffle which clans go to which sects. The catch for this one is lets say Gehenna happened and the Camarilla was swept up and eaten/destroyed, the independent clans were scourged to the size of bloodlines But the Sabbat and the Talmaherah faired the best.

    So maybe vampires saw not just the Antediluvian 3rd gen show up but say Lilith and Caine as well. But vampire numbers are at an all time low, which isn't really a bad thing now the world seems ripe for the picking. But lets say the Sabbat Fragments due to what they witnessed. So we now get a Masquerade backing, more humanitarian sect lets call them the Covenant or the Camarilla, and we have the Cainite Supremacist faction so let's call them the Sabbat or the Black Hand.

    So the New Camarilla essentially fills in the role of the old Camarilla in backing the masquerade so that there will be a safe place for the Kindred to drink blood in relative peace, but they also adopted the humanitarian wing of the Sabbat who didn't believe in pointless abuse of Humanity.


    The Salubri Antitribu combine with some of the other fragmented Salubri survivors including the two Chinese Castes, and they again become the advocates for humanity and a tempering factor for the new sect. They are irrevocably dominated by their militant history being mostly from the Antitribu. They use their special talents to spot infernalists and unwholesome factors in the sect. They are the Heart of the Covenant.

    The Ventrue Antitribu are now the defining faction of the Ventrue, and along with the Salubri they form the Warrior caste Knights of the new sect. They bring with them a resurgence in the traditions of the Old Ways, so bringing back some roads and paths. They lead the war against the Black Hand. They are the
    Fist of the Covenant.

    The Samedi survived and they also filled in the vacuum of the Nosferatu in as the spies and secret traders. One thing to help them in this is they have, either newly or always, Necromancy instead of Thanatosis. So they deal in ghosts, and have their Wangateurs as the dominant faction of the clan. They essentially form two Castes the Necromancy Wangateurs and the NonNecromancy Wangateurs so lets call them the Mirrorland Caste and the Quick Caste. They are Eyes of the Covenant.

    The Lasombra the less sadistic faction of the Lasombra take up the role as the new clan of kings and essentially become like the Lasombra Antitribu. They are finally the ruling clan and the Ventrue are their right hand. They are Voice of the Covenant.

    The Ravnos survived Gehenna as it basically happened to them a few years ago and they learned many lessons about surviving. They fill a lot of the role the Brujah used to have as the rabble, and they espouse survival at all cost like the Gangrel. Their Illusions have been vital in fooling the kine and starting up secret cults to cow mortals into believing the Kindred are akin to Gods. But they are influenced by the Path of Mayaparasatya and along with the Salubri try make sure the Covenant aline with a proper place in the Universe and seek to exterminate those who are harmful to Samsara. They are the Soul of the Camarilla.

    The Kiasyd the Kiasyd ever curious and pragmatic felt ill-fitting with the Sabbat and the Majority go with the Lasombra to form the Covenant. They are the record keepers and loremasters of the Covenant. They fill a role investigating the limits of disciplines as well as having occultists learn out of charm Blood Sorceries like Necromancy and Wanga, and the esoteric disciplines such as Valeran and Obtenbration. They are the Mind of the Covenant.

    Black Hand:

    The Tzimisce have brought together all the factions of the clan and embrace the Kolduns and the traditions of the Voivodes. Those that who disdain Vicissitude left to join the Covenant. They are the Lords of the Black Hand and seek to bring about a world where they can openly rule as Voivodes as they did in the days of old, even if it means sabotaging humanity to bring them low or backing actions to bring strife and war so they may rule as Warlords upon the mountains. Their magics and old faith form a foundation of the Black Hand, and Koldunism is also learned by some members of the rest of the sect as long as they are willing to accept the truths of the old ways. They are the Throne of the Black Hand.

    The Malkavian survived and the Madness Networks persists. They have embraced the freedom of the mind from morality and the deranged Antitribu are now the main clan. So many of them survived Gehenna that they bolstered them into the position of prominent Clan. They are the Oracles of the Black Hand.

    The Harbingers broke the Giovanni and absorbed some that chose to become a bloodline of the Harbingers. They like the Ravnos have already learned to survive one Apocalypse. They master the bodies and souls of the Dead. And their Necromancy is a fine complement to the Koldunic Sorcery of the Tzimisce. They are the Shadows of the Black Hand

    The Blood Brothers were found to survive in simplicity, they were permitted to embrace en mass as long as they accepted their position as soldiers and kneel to the rest of the Black Hand, especially the Tzimisce. They become much like the Gargoyles and become mystically tied to servitude. They revel in violence and their beasts, but like loyal hounds they learn to heel. A large section of the Clan seems to form into Bloodlines where their embraced Childer transform to a similar shape as their sire, and over each of the bloodline members start to subconsciously alter to a homogenous appearance. They are fodder of the sect and are a simple method to raise an obedient force. Even in this post Gehenna world where most of the surviving vampires are of weak generation they are especially thin of blood as they are constantly embracing and dying.

    The Rabble:

    The Caitiff assembled as pseudo independent and pseudo Anarch pseudo sect. They amassed as a group of survivors that may eventually choose to join one of the big sects or may stay as fence sitters.

    The Rest are the random group of barely surviving bloodlines, due to their low numbers they joined the Caitiff as they embraced the notion of if you don't belong to a clan and their are only a handful of you how are you any different then a bloodline of Caitiff.

    Still coming up with stuff I can do with this scenario.

    It is a time for great deeds!