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[House Rules] Modifying Thin Bloods for your campaign

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  • [House Rules] Modifying Thin Bloods for your campaign

    I love Thin Bloods but they've had the rules for them modified many times between Editions and I think some of them don't quite make sense. So I'm presenting a new set of rules to my players this weekend who have expressed interest in playing them. I'm attempting to make them dramatically interesting to play as well as giving them appropriate themes as well as strengths and weaknesses.

    I'd love some insight into how you do your Thin Bloods and any comments/criticism on my own here before I implement these rules.

    Note: This is very V20 but I'll be modiying it for V5 later.

    C.T. Phipps' Thin Bloods

    * They are capable of getting one unique Discipline of their own that is usually weaker than a main discipline but can be more thorough like, "Reading Minds" or "Become Mist." This can be taken up to 5 points.
    * They can get up to 2 points in Potence and Fortitude.
    * They can get 1 point in any other Discipline
    * They can subsist on Animal Blood or Bagged Blood indefinitely.
    * They do not suffer hunger frenzy checks unless at 0 Blood Pool. They can store up to 8 points of blood and spend 1 point per round.
    * Thin Bloods do not suffer anger or rage frenzies unless they take a 5pt flaw.
    * Thin Bloods do not suffer fear checks to sunlight or fire, though they instinctively know these things can hurt them (or not in the case of sunlight).
    * They require normal food as well as vitae. Normal food does not count to Blood Pool and requires, yes, bathroom breaks.
    * They do not require a Humanity check to awaken during the day. They sleep rather than become a corpse.
    * They always have the Blush of Life active and have a heartbeat.
    * Sunlight can cause non-aggravated damage to 14th and 15th generation vampires save w/ a merit but 16th generation vampires are immune to it.
    * It requires a Stamina check to survive being Embraced as a Thin Blood. Only one success is required but not everyone survives the Embrace.
    * Thin Blood vitae is especially nourishing for other vampires and can be used to fulfill the Methuselah's thirst. Every point drained is worth 2 points of normal vitae.
    * Thin Bloods cannot be diablerized as once you drain them of all blood and inflict damage, they die without their soul being consumed.
    * Thin Bloods can only enter torpor for two weeks and if they do not receive blood during that time, they die.
    * Thin Bloods can never hit wassail. If they reach 0 Humanity, they gain a derangement and go back to Humanity 1
    * Thin Bloods cannot make ghouls or blood bond other vampires.
    * A Thin Blood who diablerizes another vampire becomes a 13th generation Caitiff. They continue to have the ability to gain in their unique discipline.
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    SchreckNet File 047:The Thin Bloods
    Alias:"Crepusculars , Caitiff , Dhampirs ,Evolved Vampires etc..."

    According to the notes of Doctor Netchurch the thin bloods appear to be a new strain of vampirism wich he calls evolved vampires becuase they may be more fit to the post masquerade world than the normal Homo Sanguinis becuase survival is for the fittest not the stronger and while the avarege thin blood specimen is unable of devoloping disciplines on their own they have the great hability of being able to sunwalk and also have a whopping 44% less probability to frenzy than average vampires , that means that they can interact with human society and their numbers maybe higher than we thought in fact all the located specimens are the ones who in their own words "fucked things up" or tried to locate other vampires instead of keeping a low profile.

    Doctor Netchurch notes signal that thin bloods can happen as result of thaumaturgical rituals , a failed embrace or the embrace of a vampire with blood potency 1 , they also appear to be different from Strigoi (True Caitiff) or potential new bloodlines founders who sometimes can devolop their own disciplines.

    List of Capabilities
    They are Alive:They need to breathe , eat , sleep and can become pregnant of a normal and sane kidif he survives vampire mom of course.
    SunWalk:The thin bloods can walk in the sun without damage by paying two WP and acting with a -2.They are still nocturnal creatures and eventually their mind will ask for a rest.
    Frenzy Tolerance:The thin blood get Two Extra dice/Success in my setting to resist frenzy
    Learning disciplines:The thin bloods can learn one discipline up to level 2 if they drink the blood of a vampire that have it but they start without discipline points (Unless they pick up a merit)
    Static Blood Potency:Normal vampires become stronger with age , and their childe are stronger becuase they have stronger blood in their veins wich created the generation myth however Thin Bloods are so weak that their blood doesnt become thicker with age , so only diablerie can make them more powerful , luckily they don´t know this.
    Low Blood Potency:Their blood potency it´s almost non existent and so their blood pool is of 5 with the amount they can spend per turn being equal to 1.
    They cannot Embrace:A Thin Blood Cannot embrace and this may be an adaptation to overpopulation that can be explained by the fact that now that they are inmortal and can reproduce as humans they don´t need to reproduce as vampires.
    Unability to blood bond:The Thin bloods cannot blood bond so they are perfect for those with special appetites to feed however their blood is less nutricious than those of other vampires and only manages to fill the reserves of vitae up to 10.

    The rest of the file appears to be corrupted....

    Hunger pool