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[V20] New characters and Path of Enlightment

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  • [V20] New characters and Path of Enlightment

    Hi all,

    I just started a new chronicle, and my players created five new characters. Being Sabbat, most of them wants to play characters on Pathes right from the start. How do you handle this ? I applied the rules on page 315 (Creating a new path follower) but they aren't really deterrent. Do you put another drawback like buying a Merit to choose a Path at stat-up or something else ?
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    well, why do you need a deterrent in the first place?

    having one dot less in instinct and conviction
    willpower 5 requirement
    and lvl 5 cap on path in character creation
    and having to handle instincts are enough 'deterrents' in my opinion



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      Good point. I'll stick with that and force to handle instincts more than i usually do.