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[V20] Witness of Death

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    started a topic [V20] Witness of Death

    [V20] Witness of Death

    The first power in the Necromancy Sepulchre Path is "Witness of Death".

    It has a passage in its description, where I'm not sure how to interpret it:

    System: The player rolls Perception + Awareness
    (difficulty 5). Success allows the vampire to perceive
    ghosts as described for the rest of the scene (in the
    mortal world — seeing ghosts in the land of the dead
    requires Shroudsight, on p. 163). Failure has no special
    effect, but a botch means the vampire can see only the
    dead for the scene; everything else appears as shapeless,
    dim shadows. While the vampire’s other senses remain
    attuned to the living, he is all but blind in this state
    and suffers a +3 difficulty to most vision-based Perception rolls and attacks.
    It's about that last, bolded sentence. I interpret it as just mechanically describing the effects of the Botch, while one of the players interprets it as the default state of the power, aka when it was a success. His reasoning was that the sentence about the Failure and Botch was finished, and this is now once again talking about the power in general.

    The thing is if I take out that sentence about Failures/Botches, that sentence would still make sense and then definitely apply to everything. But what throws me off is the "all but blind" statement, as that only seems to fit the "can see only the dead" for me, much better.

    English isn't my first language though, so I might very well be missing some linguistic clue here, so I figured I better check what other people think

  • Cifer
    Reading through the whole power, I'd say you're correct. The description talks about seeing "ghosts as translucent phantoms gliding among the living [...]. Yet one cannot mistake the dead for the living, as they lack true substance, and appear dimmer and less real than creatures of flesh and blood." Those descriptions don't work if you can't normally perceive the living. Also, the system part you've quoted italicizes the word "only", so I'd say this is specific to the botch section indeed.

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