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  • Diablerie questions

    Hi everyone!

    I was plotting some stories lately, but since I am quite new to the setting, I thought I would like some clarification/ideas from the people who know more about it than me.

    Specifically, I mean diablerie, which is described very briefly in 5th edition book.

    Since diablerie can fail, and attempt can basically end up with diablerist being "possessed" by the victim, does that mean that it's technically some extremely risky, wicked way of changing your clan? Let's say someone tried to diablerise Nosferatu. And then we end up with ex-Nosferatu consciousness inside Tremere body.

    Did that Nosferatu become Tremere all of the sudden, in the weird twist of fate?

    Does Nosferatu blood (which was consumed after all) affect the Tremere body in any way? And if so, how far you think it could be. Could they become slightly more hideous? Could they attempt blood bounding weaker vampires maybe? Or is it really just the "soul transfer" kind of thing?

    Also is there any possibility defeated Tremere would attempt getting their body back? Or is loser party somehow destroyed in the process?

    Generally speaking, I am mostly interested how the clan specific powers/banes situation looks if the diablerie resulted in diff clan vampire possessing your body.

    Also what's going on, on the memory front? Can the memories of defeated party be somewhat accessed? Can they pretend to be the other person with ease?

    Sorry if I made any mistakes, English is not my forte.
    Thank you (:

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    The diablerie is like eating the soul of a vampire, and some souls are so strong that regain control of the body. But there is nothing writed in stone about diablerie, some of the neonates that had diablerised an elder arrive to some internal balance between the two souls, like Mithras and Michael. Normally, diablerie does not change your clan or lineage, but you can learn some powers from the victim. The only exception seems to be the thin bloods in V5 that diablerising become a true vampire from the victim´s clan. Probably, if a Vampire is strong enough to be diablerised and prevail, is strong enough to retain his powers in his new body. So dont do it. :P
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      As Justycar said, the physical body stays with the original clan if the diablerized soul obtains control. Mary the Black is still a Baali even though Michael is still hanging around. Monty is still an Assamite even though he is now a blending of himself and Mithras. The new body may obtain new disciplines if the other soul had different ones. In monty's case, though, he and Mithras don't have access to 4th gen levels of power.


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        Thank you!

        So I assume you can find these characters you mentioned in some novels and/or previous editions?

        Anything specific you could reccomend for research sake?


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          From what I gather it mostly is an echo of how the victim was that changes the diablerist in a tremendous way. This is why there is some XP for doing so to represent what is absorbed. On Occasion though and rarely the psyche is almost completely suppressed by the victim and the victim continues in the body of the diablerist. Mithras was one such victim and you can find out more information on him in London resources. Specifically Victorian Age London as well as the London trilogy for Victoria age vampire. I think you can also find info in Giovanni Chronicles 3 as a dark ages resource but I can not remember if either of those are post Diablerie.

          In either case, the transformation is depicted as a long struggle for control or a slow changing of the diablerist.

          Needless to say, I am not sure it is worth trying since if you fail you are very dead or just a minor annoyance to the diablerist. Some vampires have tried this ploy though Saulute with Tremere for example and Cappadociaout with Uncle Augie. To read up on these you would have to read a lot on the Tremere clan and Giovanni clan storylines and they are not as well laid out as Mithras if I recall. Though the Giovanni chronicles, Transulvana Chronicles, and Tremere chronicles for dark ages is probably as good of a start as any.

          This would probably be a cool backstory for an older Vampire though, that he was the victim in the past and the character is now being played out post diablerie. Living through diablerie is typically depicted when dealing with older really powerful Vampires.