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Vampires and Implants?

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    Originally posted by Talvas View Post
    So what your really saying is its up to the ST.

    But seriously I dont see acne and bad sight being harder to heal than a limp, but I do find interesting the suicide and damnation connection.

    Even though it likely has nothing to do with it, suicide is a mortal sin. Was the sire catholic?

    Funny story: suicide was not originally considered to be a sin, until the time of the dark ages. Where the living conditions were so atrocious that killing yourself became a popular fad. The church attempted numerous solutions to addressing the problem, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, they decided to claim that taking your own life was perceived as rejecting God's gift, and therefor rejecting God. So if you killed yourself, you went to hell.

    But on a more related note, there's also a myth that says people who commit suicide become vampires after death... I guess in this particular instance, it turned out to be true.