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  • Your longest lasting character

    Exactly what it says in the title.

    Who is your oldest, longest lasting character? Are they still alive? How powerful, influential, or (in)famous did they become?

    If your character is only old by virtue of recycling them after death for new chronicles, I don't count that as the same thing. That's a character concept being reused. I'm asking about a character that managed to last a long, long time, or at least as long as you could manage before meeting Final Death. Mortals and ghouls count too, especially if they started out as either and then were sired. An exception is made if the character did die Final Death, but managed to come back as a Wraith. In that case, how long did they manage to make it in their new form?

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    Bah... I'm the GM. And I have been since 1993. I don't get to play. The RPG or this BB game.


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      Seeing as I have played the TC storyline through in a few different games - First story is set in 1197 - Plays through to 1997, so all of them at least 800 years old.
      Oldest probably 900-950 because he was a mage pre-embrace.

      He was Tzimesce Voivoide and eventually Koldun, Regent of the Sabbat for a term in the 1700s, (Also pretending to be a Nosferatu prince of a city in Hungary, just to keep tabs on the Camarilla)
      Survived to Modern day through a Gehenna (Before the Gehenna book was published) Turning into a mortal. Ended as a Translator (and power broker) in the UN with 900+ years of languages even though the disciplines were gone.
      Infamous for killing the North Wind (Or Spirit of, at least) to get out of a bargain, meaning that winds died down and refused to be around him in most situations.
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        I have much more experience with Vampires as NPCs in my games. But I had a pipedream of Starting a game as Mortals, maybe psychics, in the Wolves of the Seas era, they get Embraced, and they play out the game with time skips regularly and eventually go past the present date and into the future.

        It is a time for great deeds!