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[V20] [The Red List] Ayisha and the Book of Nod

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  • [V20] [The Red List] Ayisha and the Book of Nod

    Something occurred to me while I was reading over this book and I was curious: how many copies of the Book of Nod do you think are available to your average Kindred and getting access to them? I figure most Kindred probably hear the story of Caine second hand or third hand rather than actually ever catch a glimpse of the Vampire Bible.

    Every Tremere chantry probably has a copy but it's probably proscribed and "burn on sight" among Camarilla Kindred.

    The Sabbat obviously keep as many copies as they can print up but I'm not sure that their copies are particularly....faithful.

    The Anarchs would be fine printing them up on Amazon but I'm sure that it's more than just enter "Book of Nod" on the search engine.

    Would the Church of Caine in V5 have copies?

    This is bugging me as I love playing Noddists but I don't know how common the work would be.

    I love the character of Ayisha and hope she escapes from her captors in THE ENDLESS AGE.

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    In canon, I believe, the Book of Nod that was published by White Wolf IRL back in the 90's mirrored the publishing of it in-game as well, after it was stolen from Beckett(I think, but maybe it was Aristotle. If it was Beckett, that guy should really stop writing things down)

    Sort of wink-wink, the Masquerade was broken, so you have the real thing in your hands sort of thing.

    So, I'd say that as of that printing, the Book is now commonly available to those looking to get their hands on a copy.


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      When I was a kid my parents had a copy of Whitman's Leave of grass that was bound by ornamental cord. The cord could be untied, the covers removed, and content added, removed, or rearranged. I think the Book of Nod is closer to that than to the Bible. There is apparently no vampire version of the First Council of Nicaea to decide on a definitive version. Which is why there is the book of Nod, the Erciyes Fragments, the Revelations of the Dark Mother and so forth are all in circulation.

      All that to say, there are probably multiple versions of the book about, and vampires debate which one it the true or best or most accurate version. There is probably intense, murderous debate about the de Laurent version.

      To your question, according to the White Wolf Wiki "Ayisha was responsible for the wide distribution of the Book of Nod among the vampiric population..." Also, "Instead of only printing 200 exemplars for a chosen group of respected scholars, Ayisha shipped wildly and without regard for the Masquerade. Tonight, the original book has even been available as an ebook, much to the frustration of the Camarilla."

      So it is reasonably for PC’s to get a copy, but being in passion of the copy might be a crime.

      It’s a pity there is no vampire version of the Nicaea – that would make for an interesting set of stories.

      Edit: What is "THE ENDLESS AGE"?
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        As a quick aside: Aristotle DeLaurent compiled what was printed, in the game, and known as the Book of Nod. Or at least that is who wrote the preface and narration of the book.

        As far as how many copies are out there I think that is up to you. an exact number would be hard to calculate so is probably best left up to a plot device. I would say it would not be hard for a nodist to acquire a compiled copy. Between the Church of Cain wanting to distribute the book even though the Camarilla wishes to destroy the copies that they find. in V5 terms since you know that I would consider it a 30-day project with intervals of 3 days each to put the word out amongst contacts to try to track a copy down. Commonly the book is found in fragments rather than whole though and each interval could represent have someone copy them down and send them to you. I am sure that owning a copy will be on a loresheet, probably at the 1-2 dot range, and that could determine the scope of the endeavour having contacts or resources fulfil the stake.

        For older editions, I think you would probably use the occult skill and contacts to track down the fragments themselves or a full copy. on the sheet, you could have it represented by buying the Noddist lore specialty of Occult representing your knowledge or simply using the copy. in older editions, there was a background called Library if I recall so that could be used as well. Not sure if that background moved over to V20 or not.


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          Well, Hunters Hunted II says the Akritai hunters have a copy they found after they killed the Methuselah Tryphosa in 2011. They are studying it and another text (The Apostate Auguries) at the moment. They have time because before falling Tryphosa claimed lots of them.

          As for the sects, here's my thoughts:

          -Camarilla kindred may have a copy or a few pages but obviously they keep quiet about this. It's done on a personal basis and it's rare anyway.
          -Sabbat noddists may have several pages or even full copies of the Book of Nod. They use them for their rites and preaching to the packs. Different priests operating in diffeent packs may have different copies of the thing and violently disagree about what's "canon" and what's "heresy"...
          -A few anarchs may have pages and some of them may even want to circulate them through the web. For anarchs it's an extremely niche topic anyway, so it's unlikely to carry much weight in their circles.
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            I'd go with only SOME chantries have copies (incomplete, of course), perhaps those with Noddists' master librarians or the like.

            Anarchs might have a .pdf of the most complete copy ever compiled (by them) and I suspect Masika St. John being the top responsible for this.

            THE ENDLESS AGE is probably one of the few books I haven't read, looking forward for it (once I get my credit card)

            - Saga