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V5 - Vampire the Masquerade - Session Thirty Seven - The Blount Sisters (Part Two)

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  • V5 - Vampire the Masquerade - Session Thirty Seven - The Blount Sisters (Part Two)

    The coterie continues their investigation into the rival predator competing with the Blounts and forcing them to be less choosy with their prey...or so the sisters claim...

    Introduction The coterie are endeavouring to limit the depredations of the Blount Sisters by hunting down the rival that they claim is forcing them from their more acceptable feeding grounds.

    The sisters have guided them to a recent crime-scene for them to use to further the investigation but the real possibility that they are being manipulated has increased the groups paranoia considerably especially as they were never one hundred percent sure to which of the sisters they were speaking.

    Their own Malkavian seer 'Roach' has exasperated the situation by attempting to start a smear campaign against the sisters upon his discovery that they were serial killers of both kindred and kine. Unfortunately the one thing he lacked was actual proof other than his powers of premonition and the black veins he could see within their auras. However the Blounts were skilled liars and had managed to convince their peers that even these signs of diablerie were merely the result of two poor old ladies defending themselves from those who sought to take advantage of them. This has left the coterie with no choice but to assist the pair in spite of their own wishes.