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  • [V5] Dominate Things

    In preparation for the prospect of finally being able to make a V5 Lasombra in the near future, I decided to brush up on my Dominate as it appears in V5.

    Compel vs Mesmerize

    Compel is described as the power to issue a short, single-sentence command (unlike the previous editions' Dominate 1 power which only allowed a single word like "stop", "sit", etc.)
    Mesmerize is described as the power to issue "more complex commands".

    Does that mean that in order to issue a command like "give me your gun" or "let go of Stewart" you must use Compel, specifically?
    To clarify, can you not use Mesmerize to the same effect? I understood that right?

    I'm basically asking if Mesmerize is just a better Compel (in the same manner in which, in Exalted, Fivefold Bulwark Stance is just the objectively better version of Bulwark Stance) or if the power is now granulated in the sense that you want to have both Compel and Mesmerize if you're going down the "commanding people" route and would have to alternate between them depending on the situation?

    In other words, is Dominate 1 just a massive "power tax" for Dominate 2?

    This forces you to specialize quite a bit when developing Dominate, as you'd either be able to go down the lane of having the power to command people to do things or you can have the power to wipe and alter memories, but not both since you'd need Levels 1 and 2 for commands.
    Going the command "specialization", you'd probably want Submerged Directive at level 3, which leaves you only with level 4 as the possible "dump power" to pick up the Forgetful Mind with if you also want to be able to alter memories.

    Which brings me to the question of why I'd want to pick up Cloud Memory if I can do the above to get Forgetful Mind and have a superior way of altering the memory?


    Is this power simply a passive, added effect that applies whenever the character is using a Dominate power or does it require its own separate power activation?

    This confuses me since, while you can have multiple powers active at the same time, you can only activate one power at a time (I can have Awe on for the entire scene but on my current turn I can only activate either Heightened Senses or use Compel, for example).
    So does Rationalize require you, for example, to use Compel on one turn and then activate Rationalize as a separate power on another turn?

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    Mesmerize and Forgetful Mind can both do the same thing as Compel and Cloud Memory. However, there are two differences:
    First, Compel and Cloud Memory are free to use. You can Cloud your way through an entire building of people one at a time who will not remember you being there. Forgetful Minding them gets expensive after a while.
    Second, Mesmerize and Forgetful Mind both require relative quiet. You could use Mesmerize to have someone hand you their gun in a tense hostage situation, but not in an actual gunfight.

    Rationalize, Terminal Decree and Mass Manipulation all seem to modify an existing power and shouldn't count as separate activations.


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      Compel also happens in the span of one turn (which is both a benefit and a limit), while Mesmerize takes longer but lasts longer. So you can Compel someone to "freeze!" in the middle of a fight, but can't Mesmerize them to do that, as Cifer said. Different tools for different situations.


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        Well explained by cipher.

        I would only add a note emphasizing that Compel is not a prerequisite of Mesmerize, and Cloud Memory is not a prerequisite for Forgetful Mind.

        For example, with two levels in Dominate you could select:
        • Cloud Memory and Mesmerize. This would allow you to wipe recent memories with no Rouse check, and issue somewhat complex commands (or simple commands for that matter) with a Rouse check. Ideal for stealthy manipulators who want to use people for short-term tasks of some complexity, but get in and out quietly.
        • Compel and Cloud Memory. This would allow you to issue simple commands and wipe recent memories with no Rouse checks for either. Economical for those who have difficulty staying well-fed. Though, with this tag-team of powers, you can be well fed just by knocking on random front doors.
        • Compel and Mesmerize. This allows simple commands that can be completed in a single turn, with no Rouse check. (eg "Turn off the lights!", "Sign this contract!", or "Give me your wallet!") You can also use more complex commands, if you make a Rouse check. However, you lack the ability to wipe the subjects' memories, implying you don't mind if they remember being controlled. Or, you are subtle enough to make their compliance seem natural.