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Bringing a vampire back to unlife after being destroyed?

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    Originally posted by pang4 View Post
    Also, a hillarious way to escape a dangerous situation, and basically "cheat death":
    Thanatosis 3, Ashes to Ashes.
    If you're in a fight going southwards, just ready a use of the power and wait to get hit. When that happens, "die" by being reduced to ashes. Chances are your enemies will leave and move on, allowing you to "ressurect" yourself.
    What can make the trick even more effective is that Samedi have a reputation as pseudo-Cappadocians and Necromancers, helping you appear as an unkillable blood god when your enemies see you alive once more.
    I'd personally lie low and change my identity as best I can. Start fresh and have your enemy ignore you for good. Basically like when Spider-Man tricked Venom into thinking he killed him — Brock and the symbiote were thrilled and satisfied, choosing to live their existence out in peace on an island resort somewhere. If your enemy has even the slightest doubt about your "godly" status, you're more likely to just get a more determined rival that will be incredibly thorough the second time they get you on the ropes.


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      The main way to cheat death in Vampire is to have one of the mental disciplines high enough to transfer your mind elsewhere; Auspex or Dominate being the obvious two. Yes, the RAW tries to specifically forbid this, but there's nothing stopping a ST from creating a higher level version of the power that bypasses the usual restrictions. They can then use Vicissitude or Chimestry to look like their old self, assuming they care.

      As far as literal resurrection, I could see a 10 dot Valeran power being able to pull it off. Maybe 9 dot if the ST is feeling kind, with the requirement being that you need the original remains/ashes, with the number of successes determining the age of the ash pile for resurrection (more successes needed depending on how long the vamprire has been dead). And for our favorite go-to blood sorcery, I'd rule it's a hybrid Thaumaurgy (for the body)/Necromancy (for the spirit) ritual which is why its never been performed. The blood sorcerers really don't like collaborating.


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        If this trick is good enough for the Ventrue and Lasombra antedeluvians, it’s good enough for me: just crank up the Doninate and start rewriting memories!

        “Yep, you killed me alright. I went out like a chump. Now get out of my house.”


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          As far as I known, the Only Canon Vampire Power with the ability to bring anyone or anything else, back from death and back into existence, no matter how or when the being died or how long time has passed since the time of death and no matter how powerful said being was while alive, is this Combination Discipline from the V20DA Corebook: The Bloodsoaked Saint's Resurrection. Its a Healer Valeren 9, Auspex 5, Fortitude 3 combo which states that it can resurrect anything as long as a piece of the beings mortal remains still exists. Its a very rare power, only known to an ancient Salubri Methuselah named Daniel "The Bloodsoaked Saint", which created this power for unknown purposes. Because of the requiments most vampire who are not Methuselahs will never be able to learn or master this power. Futhermore it carries a step price: To force your will upon the sea of souls/heaven/ underworld etc. and snatch back a dead beings soul is no ordinary feet and carries the danger of Hubris and will therefore erode your humanity. For additional information, see Vampire 20 Dark Ages.

          Other than that, as many have said prior in this thread, many Antediluvians have ways of cheating death on a personal level.

          Hope this is helpful!

          Regards// Daniel P