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Armored Flesh + Brutality and/or feral claws

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  • Armored Flesh + Brutality and/or feral claws

    Hi all,

    I'm learning the WOD VTM V20 system and came across Armored flesh and Brutality, 8 Fortitude and 7 Potence traits respectively. In combination and assuming a gen 5 player chose 8 strength, 7 Fort and 6 Pot (so no powers in between), does this mean that the players unarmed attack has 8 + 7 + 6 = 21 available damage dice to roll in addition to the number of successes they have from the attack roll?

    In addition, would Feral claws turn all of this into an aggravated damage attack that can only be dodged? This is like One Punch man comes to WOD

    For your convenience
    Armored flesh:
    System: Spend two blood points to activate Armored
    Flesh for the scene. Outside of combat situations, your
    character suffers no damage from mundane temperatures,
    blades, or impacts. While a tongue of flame will still affect
    her, she can forge softened metals with her bare hands. Her
    unarmed attacks cause Strength + Fortitude in bashing damage.
    Lastly, she may block any bashing, lethal, or aggravated
    attack with her bare hands.

    System: A character with Brutality causes lethal
    damage with her unarmed strikes. Her unarmed strikes
    may only be dodged, not blocked or parried, as her punches
    move weapons and shields aside effortlessly. This power
    does not require activation, and is considered “always on”
    unless the user wills it.

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    There are even more additional combo disciplines and powers that can up these numbers. It gets higher. Auto death insured in one hit. In case your players are getting cocky cause they pick a gargoyle with maxed out defenses.

    No one is invulnerable.