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Running "The Sacrifice" for non-Chicago games

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  • CTPhipps
    started a topic Running "The Sacrifice" for non-Chicago games

    Running "The Sacrifice" for non-Chicago games

    I've already run a more or less straight version of the Chicago by Night chronicle THE SACRIFICE and I had a lot of fun. The game pretty much runs itself if you're a Chicago fan but interestingly, another group of my gamers want to run it. It's just, well, they want to run it despite NOT being in Chicago.

    Yes, in Jacksonville, Florida.

    I think I can actually pull this off and it's a fairly modular sort of game but it's an interesting challenge coming up with similar but different NPCs. It's also more interesting because my home game here had a Lasombra Antiribu prince. All of my players are familiar with Chicago by Night and some of them were V5 backers so they want to play the same basic Chronicle but I'll have to switch around things as well as replace the cast with either local equivalents or new NPCs.

    I'm also eager for any suggestions to screw with the suggested sequence of events as well. One thing I'm debating inserting is a Sabbat from the Gehenna War stalking the delegation the entire time, always out of sight but a presence to let the PCs know that there's SOMETHING going on that is making them terrified and justly so.

    A Mister X figure ala Resident Evil 2.

    (Maybe a Kisyad since they're both blue)

    The only problem is that kind of requires a climax and I'm not sure anything would work there since it's not that sort of adventure.
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  • CTPhipps
    Session 1#


    We had our first and second session of the Chronicle this week. The game took place in an O'Tolleys with me just substituting my local Sheriff. One funny thing is that I had to actually describe what O'Tolleys was in my gameworld.

    Me: It is the shittiest Applebees substitute in the world. The steaks are appallingly low grade meat, the food is in tiny overexpensive proportions, and the only reason that the restaraunt keeps functioning is because they have an open bar that they serve oversized expensive martinis at.

    Player 1#: So it's Applebees.

    Player 2#: I assume Pentex also owns Olive Garden?

    The players are mostly Pro-Lasombra admission but are a mix of Cammies and Anarchs. They have been selected for this because the Prince FULLY expects this entire thing to crash and burn. Unlike Jackson, this negotiation is being forced on her by Lucinde. As a Lasombra Antitribu, Prince Janice also hates the Sabbat but can't be shown to actively work against it. So the PCs have been picked because they're expendable, troublemakers, but not so incompetent that they can't theoretically do the job. The Sheriff is actually pretty upfront about this.

    The PCs negotiate an expansion of territory, funding for their personal projects (including renovating an old hotel into a high class one with a level for a brothel), and dominion over the Thin Bloods in the city that no one wants anyway.

    Session 2#


    For Flyboy's substitute, I decided to basically invert the character and his storyline. My players live in a Florida town so I just made up a fictional beach that was a tourist trap. The Sabbat would be arriving by yacht rather than by plane. Instead of him being a Thin Blood working for the Second Inquisition, I ended up deciding that this particular beach was controlled by a pack of Werewolves called the Seawolves led by C-Dawg. Yes, they're Bonegnawers but C-Dawg is a lot more corrupt than your typical Pack leader and just wants a bribe as well as reassurances the vampires will do it quickly.

    Oh and to kill a Silver Fang kinfolk who was (possibly) informing on them to Endron Oil. Something that would be inconvenient to be wrong about once they've killed him.

    The players balked at that but ultimately one of them goes off to do it.

    Endron Oil

    In my games, Enron and Exxon merged to become Endron in this universe. It still had the massive collapse of the original Enron that was in fact orchestrated by the Glass Walkers as well as Virtual Adepts plus a few Anarch hackers working together. A rare bit of supernatural ecumenism. Sadly, being the World of Darkness, the government bailed them out.

    The PCs don't know anything about Pentex other than with an Occult+Intelligence roll that there's rumors that some corporations know about the supernatural and keep monster-hunters on the payroll. Also, that they may be outfitting the Second Inquisition while protecting their own assets.


    I'm thinking of inserting a pirate-themed Anarch woman because I like the fact Crook runs a bunch of seafood restaraunts where horrible things happen in the basement. Here, I just like the idea of a Malkavian who hates the Lasombra and thinks it's a TERRIBLE idea to invite them into joining the Camarilla. The role of Swash! is just to have someone articulate, strangely for a Malkavian, that it is a stupid decision to let the Sabbat in through the front door.

    A long story short but Dementation on werewolves ended with the pack killing each other and one of the PCs having been put into a Memorium.

    Oh and a dead Kinfolk too.
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  • Draconis
    It's also worth noting that the Succubus Club is now a franchise existing in multiple domains (see the Descendant of Helena loresheet, dot five). That doesn't even need to change.

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  • CTPhipps
    Originally posted by Raunalyn View Post
    I am curious about this as well. Is there an index of Storyteller PC's available? If so, I think it would be relatively easy to trade out those SPCs for ones of your own devising.
    Yeah, for the game, you need to replace the following NPCs:

    * Damien (The Sheriff)
    * Gengis
    * Flyboy
    * Charles "Crook" Dawson
    * Son
    * The Gary Kindred (who are pretty generic)
    * Helena (she's more a cameo)
    * The Prince
    * The Primogen voting

    You also need a substitute for the Succubus Club.

    Malenkov and Sierra as visitors are two of the characters that don't have to be replaced, thankfully.

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  • Raunalyn
    I am curious about this as well. Is there an index of Storyteller PC's available? If so, I think it would be relatively easy to trade out those SPCs for ones of your own devising.

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