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    Originally posted by Bluecho View Post
    Breaking Temporis down into a series of Combination Disciplines sounds like a promising hack. It works even better if we take out the True Brujah's Presence, and give them Auspex instead. Not only does it make the "Combo Power Temporis" more inherently workable, it's just more consistent with True Brujah mentality. How DOES a True Brujah excel at charming or scaring people, if their own feelings are muted? Auspex complements their dispassionate, intellectual mode far better. It's why the Tremere have it, after all.

    (It also presents the possibility that the True Brujah could just as easily be a Toreador bloodline as a Brujah one, due to Discipline spread. But that's neither here nor there.)
    True, but then not a problem at all in most of my games, where i tend to throw large chunks of the canon in relation to the origins of certain clans and bloodlines through the window - like having Lasombra & Giovanni as branches/conspiratory factions of the same clan still fighting over who really diablerized their antediluvian half a millenium later.

    note: the Cappadocians did exist, but the reasons behind their fell had as much to do with their religious manias (and the Inquisition) as the Giovanni, who more exploited their time of weakness than actively hunted them (and are no blood relations at all).
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      Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of eliminating Temporis entirely and recreating the Trujah as a clan with Auspex, Celerity, and Potence, and it would certainly resolve the issue of Temporis being the Go-Bots to Focused Mind's Transformers. I'd honestly play the shit out of a clan/bloodline with that discipline spread, I can't think of many that would be more fun. I just don't think it's entirely necessary, and it would perhaps be more appropriate to house rule and replace levels 1 and 4 of Temporis with something perhaps more thematically consistent.


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        I think alot of the Temporis powers as they stand now do better as combo disciplines because they feel like they involve more than what Temporis was stated (in fluff) to be about. So you could have a bunch of combination disciplines that can give more extreme 'time manipulation' abilities, whilst the core discipline is more centered around various iterations of stasis and more limited/localized time manipulation relative to the vampire (extending, contracting, or focusing the 'stasis' that maintains the Vampire.)

        Alternately Temporis might work better as a thaumaturgy or necromantic path (in a sense you're trying to manipulate or twist vampiric nature in ways it wasn't intended, just like blood magic is supposed to.)

        Originally posted by Reasor View Post
        The more I learn about V5’s new canon, the more the idea of treating each edition as a separate alternate timeline makes sense to me. It can all be true at once, just not all in the same timeline.
        Or it makes sense to some unfathomable, alien, godlike mind because they can 'see' things in greater complexity than we can. As I've mentioned elsewhere that was an underpinning of the Dark Tower series and its multiverse approach I always appreciated.

        Originally posted by Illithid View Post
        Whether it's due to there being a too-massive change, too many changes that would have seemed reasonable if released over the years, or possibly lower level change; It doesn't matter if it's not communicated well.

        And, personally, I think that there are too many mechanical changes (like Morality/touchstones, blood potency/generation etc) To feel like the same game - the Fluff they've introduced isn't my problem.
        Honestly it feels like its both too massive, and not enough. It reminds me a great deal of the 'halfway-retcons' you got with Star Wars and Star Trek - they attempt to please everyone, but end up pleasing few because they either didn't go far enough or went too far depending on what was expected. Change can sometimes be beneficial if a product news new ideas to revive it, but if you change too much too quickly you can provoke a backlash from people who either don't want it or feel it isn't needed. Sometimes the risk pays off, but I do feel with WoD 'gradual' has always worked out better. V20 made lots of changes, but it was by and large gradual changes.

        Whereas to me, V5 feels like it took parts of Requiem and Mind's Eye Theater, fused them together, then tried stitching on parts of the original VtM skin to make it look like a complete product. It's not that it's *bad* to me per se, it just feels.. unpolished. Unfinished. Rough. You can see the stitches. And because its also in a half-and-half state it's not totally different like Requieum is, but it's also not 'same' enough to feel like V20.