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  • I quite like the idea of giving the players free allies that are really useful but... They're absolute monsters. Setite? Charming guy, Teaches for free, offers resources when the player needs them, rarely calls in favours, doesn't judge the players, though he might help everyone he never betrays the players, he might occasionally try to sell his religion (and offer even more benefits to someone who buys in), but otherwise a great guy... and then you find out he's heavily involved in, say, child sex traficking. But that's the thing; the players can continue to keep relations as normal with the guy; his usefullness to them might outweigh the moral cost (High humanity characters would need to roll to further deal with him though) . Nephandi? They run really well like this. (Ventrue also run really well like this.. a lot of WoD characters do)

    Tremere (and all the giovanni) rarely fit the bill here. Their charisma is usually shit and you know they'll come back to you with that debt.

    Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.