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[V5] Can vampires take True Faith as a background?

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  • [V5] Can vampires take True Faith as a background?

    What it says in the title.

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    Yes, a vampire can have True Faith. The canon NPC Ferox, a gargoyle, had True Faith for example. STs in my experience are reluctant to allow PCs to possess True Faith. It can be overpowering in some chronicles.


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      I was just rereading True Faith. I may be wrong. True Faith is an assigned Trait by the ST and cannot be bought. You may not be able to have True Faith in V5 unless a future Merit or Lore Sheet allows grants it.


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        Exactly. I absolutely assume that there will be a loresheet that grants access to True Faith in the future, but so far, there hasn't been one.


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          I believe True Faith is a 7pt Merit, amirite?

          Nevermind everything, didn't see it was V5...

          Furthermore, I believe Carthage should be destroyed.


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            In V5, there are no rules for player characters having True Faith. It's a trait assigned by the ST to applicable characters.

            That said, there are rules for its use by SPCs, and nothing breaks horribly if you let a PC use it. Just come up with some way for them to acquire it, through experience points or a Loresheet or something.


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              Anatole had True Faith, as did Maria Asuncion from Transylvania Chronicles. So you could in the original game. Not sure about V20 or V5, but it may not be given I've heard the mechanics have been reworked fairly substantially in the latter.

              I suppose you could be allowed to have it if the ST agreed to it and you had good reasons for it?