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V5 - Vampire the Masquerade - Session Forty - Blood Money (Part Three)

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  • V5 - Vampire the Masquerade - Session Forty - Blood Money (Part Three)

    The trail of the embezzler has led the coterie from Chinatown to Hollywood and then to Downtown as they attempt to trace the evasive Marcel Emery via his hopefully less elusive blood doll.
    Despite a slight issue created by the unknowing infiltration of one of the more vindictive of Los Angeles kindred's places of business the coterie has some new clues from which to work. They have discovered that their quarry has found himself a distinctive and beautiful woman as a blood doll which has given them a target to locate who hopefully is less experienced at evasion than Marcel is.

    This and their other discoveries has moved them several steps closer to retrieving the millions embezzled from Camarilla accounts that they have been tasked with retrieving.

    Additionally, one of Mr Hertz's earlier discoveries has led them to believe that the embezzler they seek has also for some reason been a regular visitor to a sleazy sex-shop in Hollywood called the 'Sin-Bin' that is to be their next port of call.