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The many faces of Ogham & Koldunism

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  • The many faces of Ogham & Koldunism

    In the Dark Ages, this power was something like Koldunic.
    Ogham had 2 paths - Ogham and Talamh (Genius Loci).

    In modern time Ogham is Discipline (with semi-magic powers) based on the dark and powerful spirit of the forest in kindred's soul.
    THIS (modern) Ogham has 6+ power, which allows him to use the knowledge of the spirit and temporarily summon ancients being.

    We dont know any Rites of Ogham, but can they exist?
    If I want to add the ancient Liannan (from last game where she fell into torpor until 1870.), does she need to study the “modern” version?
    Are these disciplines the same?
    I mean that the ancient version is magic, the modern version is more like vampire discipline, since it has 6+ powers.

    Are there any 6+ paths or rites in koldunism (Except Genius Loci. Which is an ancient version of the "path of the spirit" and is Kraina of [koldun's] spirit.)?
    There are rituals in koldunism, and using the koldun's full power requires rituals.

    But the rites of old times are based on the use of specific spirits of the earth and are bound to specific territories. They were studied only after mastering the necessary level in "Kraina" and the subsequent study of spirits and their [vampire's] power over them.

    Can rites of 6+ levels even exist?

    I can mathematically calculate the approximate costs of such forces... but nowhere in the V20DA was there any mention of such.
    (Like necromancy rituals of 6+ levels ... although it should be, but it was never written anywhere)

    This [Ogham] discipline consists of 3 paths?
    - Magic
    - Sense of the forest (in which the spirit lived)
    - Discipline (based on the use of blood and curse in mixing with the ancient spirit inside cainite?)
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    I don't why some Ogham rites couldn't exist through summoning the power of the spirit. Some koldun paths could be adapted. As well, you can use the Dark Ages rules in a modern setting. You don't need to use the modern discipline over the DA20 version; you COULD and se the modern one explaining the difference in a weakening of forest spirit but you don't need to do so.


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      Originally posted by Anarade Relle View Post
      Some koldun paths could be adapted. you COULD and se the modern one explaining the difference in a weakening of forest spirit but you don't need to do so.
      The spirit became weaker, but the Cainites also learned to use their powers in synergy with the spirit (rather than use the strength of spirit itself through rituals).
      But I'm not sure that emulating other paths is the good choice for this discipline. I mean, Ogham is the control of the forces of one, powerful, evil forest spirit of specific area.


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        The intent of Dark Age 20 is a retroactive revision. So in their setting Ogham was, is and will be essentially a Kraina/Koldunic Sorcery Variant rather then it becomes a discipline.

        They have rites above level 5 but not path powers. And I figure they have unique Kraina/Paths like you treat Kolduns. So as many powers as you want them to have.

        Odd since they stress no Koldun has Kraina/Koldunic Sorcery in Clan, oh wait but the Ogham does.

        One thing I feel they need is mention of Bridging Kraina to other branches of the Tzimisce family, like the Nagalopers have to have African Kraina, they are friggin wilderness Witch Boogeymen!

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