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Time of Thin Blood & Captain Doshus reference

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  • Time of Thin Blood & Captain Doshus reference

    So I was reading Time of Thin Blood and on page 28 I ran across this interesting little tidbit I had forgotten:

    The last thing I dreamed was that the storm blew me into another city. This was all skyscrapers of black and stone and iron. There was a parade of people all chained together walking toward a king who had a burning mark on his forehead. I got scared and looked around for Kevin but I didn’t see him. I ran around looking for him until I bumped into a nice old man who called himself Captain Doshus. He said that I was early and had to go back. He pointed which way to go and then I woke up. When I was in torpor again after meeting Mr. Trimagain, I dreamed I was back in the storm. I saw more stuff then but even with Dr. Reage hypnotizing me I can’t remember much of it. Just that I saw a lot about other Kindred and the older they were the more there was to see. Dr. Reage says I was asleep for a week but it didn’t seem very long to me. I know that some of what I’ve seen in visions is real because other people knew about it.
    Out of curiosity I googled the name but turned up nothing significant, nor in the wiki. So this is either a very obscure reference, a name that never got developed, or I'm missing something very obvious here (it wouldn't be the first time.) Can anyone tell me if there is anything more to this, and if so what books I'd check to find out more?

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    They spoke with the wraith of Cappadocius.


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      Oh for the love of.... chalk one up for me missing the obvious. Again.

      Thanks for pointing that out Reasor


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        Hey, it’s better to ask than to just wonder forever!