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Defeating a Lasombra 1v1?

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    Depending upon how seriously your ST uses a particular throwaway blurb (minus crunch) out of the revised Lasombra splatbook -- if at all -- bait them into frenzy. The big caveat is how strongly the ST wants to roll with that "Lasombra can use Obtenebration while frenzied" blurb.

    With Lasombra this is easier than most, given the typical immensity of Lasombra ego and the fact more of them than not are on Instinct paths. Do a little research, cash in a couple favors, figure out an emotional weakness on their part and hit them with it like a ton of bricks. Failing that, Lasombra discipline spread is extremely blood intense, so bait them over the course of a couple nights into hit-and-run or lesser run-ins to sap them of more blood than they can easily replace, especially if you're harassing them and preventing them from feeding through any number of options.

    When frenzied, no control. No control, no strategic Obtenebration use. In fact, it's more likely than not a frenzying Lasombra pops out of tenebrous form to do their thing. As long as you keep the frenzied Lasombra distracted or focused on other targets, you can eliminate them at your leisure.


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      Originally posted by Nosimplehiway View Post

      I've only played Wraith a few times, and it was twenty years ago so my memory is a bit hazy. Do Wraiths not have minds?
      don't know, it's just my theory for why domination wouldn't work on them,
      if they do have a mind, dominate should work,

      there's nothing in the material that says one way or the other, and Wraith died after 2nd ed,
      so all we have is speculation (unless you have some niche MtA paragraph that settles the issue)

      Originally posted by Nosimplehiway View Post
      Oh, and sorry it took so long to reply. I didn't realize you had posted.
      it's ok, I do that alot myself, I'm not that active anyways