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Reworking Touchstones

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    I'd like to have different paths as well.
    I'd like to have non-human touchstones - (non npc touchstones as well - avoid glut of npcs and allow more space for organically designed npcs where they make sense and are needed)
    Differences between sects approach to morality would be cool as well. I like to think Camarilla tries to pretend at humanity, sabbat tries to pretend at being monsters, and I dunno about the anarchs. Pretend at being rebels?

    One idea I had was touchstones are an anarch specific thing, developed as an alternative to paths. The disadvantage of them would be they're a lot less effective (ie, without the more concrete path to clutch tightly to the touchstone based anarchs are more addicted to blood - a camarilla vamp can go to hunger 0 without having to kill, but has to follow his path). If I implemented this I'd probably make the paths either more constricting, or make it cost more when you alter your path rating. (It's more of a traumatic experience, takes some time to recover from) - the advantage of touchstones is they're a lot more fluid (can just have a handful of people you keep an eye on once or twice a month and vaguely match up to Stuff You Care about, no need to have an entire set of codes you need to adher to and can't pick yourself, just a few personal handmade principles).

    Heavy Arms if you don't want them to connect to Convictions would you connect them to anything else? I guess if you didn't go with the above idea you could explicitly connect them to a path instead (ie, touchstone are v5 paths).So you have path of humanity touchstones, path of the feral heart touchstones, path of honor touchstones etcetera.


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      Yes, I'd connect them directly to Path. Especially since you could have Touchstones work slightly differently per Path to help replace the functions of Virtues.