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    I know there probably isnt a definitive answer to the following questions. In that case just tell me how you usually run it.

    1) do you allow celerity actions to be taken at the end of a turn where someone declared the full dodge action?

    2) do you allow celerity actions at the end of a turn where someone took a "full turn" action such as protean 2?

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    1. No. "Full defense" overrides any other action the character may take during the combat round, and in fact it would be silly to actually spend on Celerity during a "full defense" in V20 since to do so would be to gimp one's own dice pools.

    2. Depending on circumstance and the context of the action scene, I'd allow players to take defensive actions during a transformation, but not attack actions.


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      What edition of the rules are you talking about? DAV20, attacks occur on your turn in general, celerity just makes them better.
      v20, I think that attacks would be a the end of the turn

      Full Defense wouldn't be applicable in DA, so in V20 it'd be no, Full defense is multiple defense actions with a lesser penalty, and celerity isn't compatable with multiple actions
      "Vampires with the Discipline of Celerity (p. 142) may take multiple actions without subtracting dice from their dice pools. These extra actions may not themselves be divided into multiple actions."