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    If vampires are fully known to the global human populace, and this is strictly tied to your thread about humans and vampires living in harmony (seems like the logical conclusion), then I'm gonna recommend that in most places human bounty hunters aren't employed.

    Why? Because it will by now be known just how dangerous most vampires are beyond the tiny percent who are inexperienced defenseless fledgelings of a few months old. Media loves sensationalising anything and everything they can in this day and age, and that's before the spin-tactics come into play. So over the years the media would have been all over taking stories of vampire-on-human violence (especially the ones which resulted in human deaths) and playing doctor with them. Amp up the "vamps are dangerous, mmmkay" angle, cut back on anything which might indicate when a human was the unprovoked aggressor, and suddenly after a few decades you've got media archives oversaturated with "look how deadly the Children of Caine are!" type stories.

    On top of that, bounty hunters would have started resorting to more drastic action to kill vampires that would no doubt have put innocent civilians at risk of severe injury or death, and plenty would have no problem with this or even embrace that opportunity. Take for example religious fanatics who would happily take a bounty for a vampire whose profile reads "likes to frequent LGBTQ establishments" or white supremacists who would accept bounties on vampires who associate with minorities, and then wait until their targets are at said locations before driving up with a trunk full of molotov cocktails.

    Then it gets out that these bounty-hunters are being paid by the government. How much was the government giving these "professionals" who decided to carry out what would have essentially been acts of terrorism? $1000? $3000? $20,000? Half a million? Doesn't matter once certain media outlets spin "government pays terrorists to attack minority establishments, false flags it as vampire-hunter contracting." And that's before a whole bunch of vampires who were believed to have died in those attacks come forward to be interviewed about how they were never there.

    Suddenly you don't have a vampire infestation crisis. You have a domestic terrorism crisis. And the government are the ones in the spotlight.