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Help me build a better combat system (VtM Rev/V20)

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    Originally posted by valismedsen View Post

    I always wanted to ask: how would this work with the damage done by static sources of damage, like fire? And more specifically, how would it work with Lure of Flames?
    I am not sure what the problem with Lure of Flames is. It does a fixed amount of aggravated damage; The only way the target can usually soak this is with Fortitude, so the rules are quite simple. Lure of Flames damage - Fortitude rating. If the result is over half the 'hardened' rating of the target, they get at least 1 point of aggravated damage, even if technically soaking everything.

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      Not to make excuses, but just going to lead with the fact I wrote this system in about an hour, while also making dinner. So, cogent ideas? Well, I've been cogenter.

      FWIW, the soup turned out awesome. I really need to use Herbes de Provence more.

      Originally posted by Incarnate View Post
      It's a simple system and I like it's more narrative approach,
      Thanks! I guess we're done here. I win!
      Originally posted by Incarnate View Post
      but I see three major problem with this.
      Only three? I can find like ten major problems in my first paragraph alone.
      I win again!
      Originally posted by Incarnate View Post
      1: The rest of the character's combat potential is done an injustice, and would be reflected very poorly.
      In my system, there is no other stuff. Dexterity is for being Dextrous, not for kicking ass. Firearms, Brawl, etc don't exist. There aren't even Health Levels.

      Originally posted by Incarnate View Post
      2: Existing characters wouldn't have a combat stat.
      In V20, existing characters also wouldn't have any Convictions or Touchstones. New systems, by definition, both add and remove game elements. OP wanted simpler, so I cut a lot and added a little.

      It could be worse. I could have gone with rock-paper-scissors.

      Originally posted by Incarnate View Post
      3: Damage to willpower which also seems to potentially a bit excessive, it's not typical type of damage and normally takes a lot of effort to recover.
      Well, maybe excessive and takes a long time to heal, but it models one of those "I got in a fight at the bar last night, and I lost, but I can still go to work on Monday" type of fight. (Which I have literally never experienced. This, right here, is pretty much my Saturday nights. Sigh.)

      The bigger problem, which I only noticed upon reading my post again, is the "half your wp" clause. This would mean someone with 10 temporary wp takes 5 damage, while someone with 4 temporary wp only takes 2. I'll admit it. My math is broken.

      Frankly, the "excessive" part of my idea is that if you roll badly once, you can be thrown into torpor. With three or four additional successes on the part of the enemy, it could become a no saving throw tpk. I simplified combat, not fair-ified it.

      I wasn't kidding when I said running away should be the go-to option.

      Originally posted by Incarnate View Post
      If you want a combat stat it should be a derived stat, to better and more accurately reflect the character's actual combat effectiveness.
      I thought about that. But, I decided it was always a little annoying that a ballerina who is witty at parties wins every initiative roll. I'm sorry, but the special-ops veteran with the bum knee and the cautious approach should kick her ass every time.

      Mostly, I didn't use derived stats because the original poster specifically asked for a low math, not huge dicepool, system.

      Had that not been the case, Combat would be Strength+Dexterity+Stamina+Current Temporary Willpower+X.

      X would equal a trait relevant to your individual task within the group's larger goal. Wanna sneak away? Stealth. Wanna be so scary the enemy hesitates? Intimidation. Wanna stand there lecturing the enemy about how much shooting up their own nightclub will raise their insurance rates? Finance.

      I almost made base difficulty the absolute value of the difference between the highest Wits+Leadership dicepool among the individual members of the enemy + the average Combat score among the enemy; and the highest Wits+Leadership dicepool among the individual members of your side + the average Combat score on your side. This would then be modified as in the table above.

      I decided a base difficulty of "1" was easier.

      Can you see how these other options would have been the opposite of simplifying?