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Help me build a better combat system (VtM Rev/V20)

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  • The Dreamweaver
    It's not much, but I'd like to recommend that once a stat hits 6 in any area, the 6th dot and beyond simply counts as an automatic success. So if an attack uses strength and brawl, then your Strength 6 and Brawl 3 PC will get one automatic success and have 8 remaining dice to roll OR s/he can opt to simply take the auto-successes. This cuts down on dice for more powerful characters and also reflects the fact they've become so skilled/powerful in an area that they are starting to make things look effortless. Also helps keep the flow going in an RP experience. Potence, Fortitude and Celerity has always either been auto-success or some special ability in my game world, so they don't add to a monster pile of dice. I hate things that just add dice when my goal is to streamline boring elements.

    To me, the only dice you should be rolling are for the two stats you need to combine: The Attributes and Abilities. That means a grand total of no more than 10 dice no matter what. Any other factors should lower difficulty, add auto-success, etc, but never add more dice to be rolled. I've seen and heard and been party to the "roll 24 dice" type of situations. Feels more like you're laying a trap for a barefoot intruder rather than playing a game.

    This may have issues or not be to your style, but it's worked for me so far. I prefer to keep combat mechanics simple and dice relatively out of the experience. When they're needed, they should be easy to manage.

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  • Cadmiumcadamium
    One way i've thought about is just assigning an attribute to different weapons* and then just do relevant attribute + relevant ability vs relevant attribute + relevant ability.
    With weapon damage and soak being automatic.

    However, automatic damage and soak makes Potence and Fortitude nearly worthless (just a more expensive version of an attribute). So question is how to make them useful in that case.
    Also, how about those edge cases where a character is trained to use fists but with Dexterity rather than Strength?

    *Strength would be for heavier weapons like axes and maced, or for pure fists or claws.
    Dexterity would be for quicker weapons that are more for stabbing rather than slashing/bashing (like daggers or rapiers) or for thrown weapons (combined with athletics)
    Perception would be for guns.

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