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[V20] Shadow Mark : what's a dominated minion ?

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  • Yorkblack
    started a topic [V20] Shadow Mark : what's a dominated minion ?

    [V20] Shadow Mark : what's a dominated minion ?

    Hey guys ! I was thinking this power from lore of the clans (section lasombra) was pretty great : You can just teleport to someone, no matter the distance, no roll needed, as long as he is in the shadow. However, it "only" works on dominated minion, and I'm not clear on what's the meaning of that : is that someone on whom I used dominate at some point in the past (which would make this power an awesome exit strategy) ? Does this power make me able to mark someone (hence the name), to teleport on him later ? But if so, how do i mark him, since it's not really mentionned (so i guess no rolls, but the usual restrictions for dominate would apply ?), is it only people under the influence of one of my powers (which would make the power much less useful) ?
    Here is the power, for reference :

    Shadow Mark
    (Dominate •••, Obtenebration ••••• •)
    Shadowstep (V20, p. 191) only allows the vampire to
    move between shadows. However, with this power he can
    mark those he Dominates and use any shadow they are
    standing in instead.
    System: This power allows the vampire attempting
    Shadowstep to step to one of his Dominated minions
    instead of another shadowy area. The minion must be
    standing in shadow himself or the power will not work,
    but otherwise distance is no object: the vampire simply
    appears out of the nearby shadow. There is no additional
    roll or expenditure when making such a Shadowstep,
    although the difficulty is one level higher.
    This power costs 27 experience points to learn

    Thanks for your help !

  • Alphari
    Most likely this works with victims of 2+ Dominate powers.
    This definitely works on victims of level 4 Dom.

    This makes sense, because it is said that it works for those who are "dominated".
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