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Question about "Long range combo discipline" or How to create it

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  • Question about "Long range combo discipline" or How to create it

    I wanted to create a power to protect the masquerade.
    But there were problems.

    In theory, this CD should work on ghouls with a blood bound.
    Tremere with the help of some discipline and "Mastery of the Mortal Shell" should cause "Infarction" or just damage the organs.

    But the question is, which of disciplines allows this?
    It is impossible to combine Domination and Auspex, but is it possible to convey the effect through Presence?

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    I'm not clear on what you're proposing. What do you want to have happen to protect the Masquerade? How is it experienced by the people under it's power? What does it look like to bystanders?

    If we start with more details about the narrative effects of the power, I am sure we can figure out the mechanics from that.


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      Way of the Spirits allows you to use powers through perception. I'm not sure what you are asking for as well though. Auspex has a kind of Psi attack, but I like the idea of Dominate/Auspex combo allowing you to stun different senses. Or use Potence and Presence to damage with your disdain.

      It is a time for great deeds!


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        Path of Mortal Shell allows us to control the body of others.

        This discipline should work like Seizure or Body Failure, or just stop the heart from a long distance.
        And It should work only on mortals with blood bound to mage.

        Everything should look as if a person died of a heart attack (or something similar).

        Of course, we can use the Dominate 3 or 4 and enchant man ... but I need Discipline for urgent execution of escaped / kidnapped ghouls.

        Like this...
        Thaumaturgy (Mortal Shell) ••• or ••••, Presence 4 or Auspex 4?

        The problem is that the Presence 4 only sends signals/emotions, while Auspex requires visual observation (If I'm not mistaken).
        Something else is needed here, I think.
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          Way of the Spirits allow me to use only Koldunic Ways.

          Also, Lasombra have the Combo to project Potence into the minds of others. (Mind Strike - Lore of Clans pg 125)
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            Don’t have my books with me.

            You can google for websites that have an amalgam of combo disciplines.

            There is a combo discipline for domination and auspex. So you can use telepathy to throw out commands. Bypasses the need to speak.

            There are also multiple combo discipline for various dominate and thaumaturgy.

            If you’re goal is to damage people without touching them or showing wounds the yes there are multiple ways.

            I recall a presence combo that causes wounds to manifest on your target through sheer emotional anger.

            There’s also a dominate potence combo that basically lets you do bashing damage with your mind.


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              Ideally if you want to keep runaways from escaping. If a vamp mage has their blood on storage and you interpret that quietus could be used against them (or make a combo with quietus and blood magic) then you could easily give them a heart attack from afar.


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                Originally posted by Pnizzle View Post
                I recall a presence combo that causes wounds to manifest on your target through sheer emotional anger.
                Do you remember in which book we can find it?
                Or was it create by the players?

                Originally posted by Pnizzle View Post
                it's true, but I'm looking for combos available only for Tremer.
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                  If you want things to not break the masquerade, you could always use the age-old combo discipline of "Dex+Firearms", or possibly "Dominate+"Go kill that guy"

                  There's rarely a need to overcomplicate stuff like this.

                  Furthermore, I believe Carthage should be destroyed.


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                    Sometimes I forget how awesome you are.

                    This post reminded me. Thank you.


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