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    Originally posted by Matt the Bruins fan View Post
    My money's on 34 pages that spell out "You want to play Sabbat? F--- you!" in 500-point all caps.
    With a final lovely inscription: "With our best wishes to M*, T*, S*, and all those outraged Sabbat fans out there in the Onyx Fora; we read all your messages"

    (Just a joke, please don't hate me)

    "No, no, don't look any further, my profile is actually more handsome than me"


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      Originally posted by HoneyArty View Post
      Cool ! Thanks for your answers !
      Due to the lack of informations, I personnally thought that it would be cancelled !
      Speaking about that, anybody knows what kind of new content will we see in this book ? I heard we won't get Tzimisces and Ravnos, so what can we get in that ?

      I posted about what we were told in various interviews further up the thread, but to copy/paste it again:
      * Ways to change up the game and rules, with things to use with the core book, but not replace it
      * Discipline powers and Amalgams (not reprints from existing books)
      * Merits, Flaws and Backgrounds
      * Loresheets
      * Clans (which is one of the delay reasons, it originally went from 13 to possibly 12, the Ravnos are out according to one of the devs and the Tzimisce may be out if Modiphius can't fix the issues with it) including clans from other books like Lasombra and Hecata. These will have the same metaplot stuff as the currently playable ones (so no Sabbat Lasombra) but won't be copy/pastes from those books (as in, they'll have more Oblivion powers to go along with the more powers of the book).

      Pretty much the same stuff that past players guides have given in terms of character options.