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    "The wisest among the Damned have learned to ask questions only when they want the answers.

    Even so, it is always disconcerting to be confronted with the fact that some questions have no answers.

    The night has a will of its own, and as much as the Kindred might posture to the contrary, we belong to it, and not the other way around."

    -Luther Franke, Die Neuen Götter.
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      Well, I should note the best quotes of my game now. Even though some meanings might just disappear from the Portuguese translation.
      But I've got some nice quotes from the Dark Ages Clan Novels, which are great! Here is one from Jürgen:

      "A mortal who witnesses a possible miracle can more easily rededicate his brief life to God’s service, but a Cainite with only eternity ahead of him? That Cainite must be very moved indeed to make such a change in his unlife. Respect, then, the Cainite who can change, for he has retained one of the best gifts of humanity—the best of the past, as Acindynus says. And also respect the force that can change him, for that is true power."

      One from the Lasombra, Gotson:
      “Jürgen, there is no honor lost in fear. God gave man fear for good reasons—we are to fear God as a boy fears his father, fear Satan for the monster he is, fear the beasts of the forest for their claws and fangs, and so on. Your feeling fear when looking upon me reflects your wisdom, and, perhaps, your piety.”

      And here two lines from a very nice back and forth between Malachite and Dracon:
      -Malachite: “The Dream is not dead,” Malachite answered, quietly. “The Dream has only changed its shape. It cannot die, even if all of its symbols crumble and fall to dust. The Dream is a thing with its own life. Do you give it so little credit, hidden one?”
      -Dracón: “I give it all the credit it deserves,” the Dracon whispered tiredly. “The Dream will survive all who first saw it blossom, and helped give it its first form. My time as its custodian is at an end. The last task I set myself is done. Michael is avenged. Those who sought to diminish and sully what he created are dead or undone. Narses is destroyed, and the Heresy destroyed with him.” He bowed his head again, a curtain of dark hair falling across his face. “And I am so tired.

      And one last from Dracón, which is pretty much Elderdom in one line:
      “You cannot imagine it, childe of my blood, and I hope you never have cause to. I hope that you do not see the night when you have outlasted everything and everyone that you have ever loved, and watched everything that you tried to preserve crumble around you."

      Strange... When coincidence seems too convenient, I prefer to call it fate.

      -Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain d=


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        Not that oroginal, bad still, badass

        "Don't bother running, you'll only die tired"
        - Nightshade, Kiasyd Assassin

        But my two favorites are of the Old Clan Tzimisce quotes, from a PG:

        "Thousands of human lives have been taken by my hands. I am a protector of humanity, but my vigilance comes with a price"

        "Old ways do not die. Like old Cainites, they merely sleep, awaiting sufficient blood to reawaken them..."


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          From a Sabbat game I played in years ago. Players were an Appearance 5 Toreador Antitribu who had the habit of kidnapping people more beautiful than him and mutilating them, a Nosferatu and Brujah.

          Toreador (to the Nosferatu): "I know that you and others of your kind are burdened by your appearance. But I want you to know that I understand. While my body may look normal my soul is twisted and hideous like a burnt and blackened rose. The truth is, I am just as disfigured on the inside as you are on the outside."

          Brujah: "Wow. Wow, did you really just compare your soul to Mike's face? Like, I know Mike's kinda hard to look at but damn, that's low. And Mike, if you want to go monomancy and tear his throat out for that I get you. There are some insults that are just not okay."

          That phrase "There are some insults that are just not okay," outlived the campaign and we, the players, were quoting it for years whenever someone would say something that could come off as a tiny bit insulting to someone.


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            Malkavian to and about himself:

            "I'm Nicolai, who doesn't hear voices in his head anymore"
            *Yes you do*
            "No, I don't"
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              Oh I could do this all day. I have so many in game quotes I've seen or said over the years.


              Brujah-"right what do both anarchs and elders fear?"
              Nosferatu-" getting a real job?"

              Same brujah-" ah here comes the prince....I feel safer already."

              Toreador harpy-"well the ventrue are the naturally rulers of kindred on the grounds the other candidates are the lasombra and the brujah."

              Prince-"I havnt been this disappointed since I first met a malkavian."

              Lasombra to her ghoul-" if I wanted your opinion I'd tell you it."


              Same lasombra-"Well you've presented me with a dillema Mike."
              Serpant of the light Mike recovering from 5 levels of agg-"?"
              Lasombra-"I assumed this would be a casual fling because I thought you're a little bitch but you just survived combat with a eldar gangrel this means you might be around for a while. At the same time I'm beginning to find your annoying face entering my train of thought.....i find myself wondering about how you're doing and when you brought me flowers I actually felt like who I was rather what they did to felt nice, its been 4 years since anything felt nice."
              Mike-"okay so....?"
              Lasombra-"I want to you to ask me out on a date, I'm not talking blood orgy or the weird evil shit we do on a nightly basis. I'm talking an actual date, movie, stupid jokes making out. I want to feel like a person and I know you want me in a very human way. I think this could really work."
              Mike-"right.....wait you were only going out with me because you didn't expect me to last long?"
              Lasombra-"oh sweety don't be horrid. You made the first moves because I have a great ass and didn't know anything about lasombra nobody in their right mind would ever date a keeper otherwise."


              On the tzmisce antiduluvian-"listen its not a god, it's just some sick fuck who somebody made the mistake of embracing who then made a load more sick fucks. The fact it thinks it's a god is a big advantage because it still catches fire and doesn't like the sun."

              -later on

              "I wish he (tzmisce) was as good a person as i try to be every day."-a boon asked of archangel Michael (the actual one)

              Tzmisce Bishop to a terrified mother and daughter-"do not grieve soon you will be so much more than you are now..."
              salubri antitribu templar-"NO MORE!"
              -Vengeance of Samuel activated-
              Salubri Antitribu"I HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR STUPID EVIL BULLSHIT!"
              -Decapitates Bishop-
              Warrior Salubri-"no more damn you."

              : phone rings:
              Brujah pc -"WHERES MY DAUGHTER?"
              Sabbat templar-"Well I'll tell you were she's"

              Bonus mage the ascension quotes.

              Order of Hermes-"Well she's a vampire or a huge bitch."
              Order of hermes-"nate you gotta get outta there she's a vampire AND a huge bitch."

              Same ooh-"why yes child, I'm with dimberlydoo, now please get in the van."

              Celestial chorus trying to do a combined ritual with a sons of ether-"er lord? Oh bless this raygun?"
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                Originally posted by Nicolas Milioni View Post

                I remember that! I sure hope Montano isn't right
                Sadly he probably is and I think the Assamite Sorceror Ur-Shurgi voiced a similar quote in there clan book.

                The gist was "that there is no freedom. Just a lack of awareness of ones masters."

                What in the name of Set is going on here?


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                  'I remember that! I sure hope Montano isn't right'

                  well with dominate powers like far mastery and speak through the blood montano is almost certainly on to something when he say that but it is kinda funny and horrifying to know that even a lot of the elders in the world of darkness are much like their young in the sense that they are nothing more then pawns to ancient monsters who hide in far and forgotten places.


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                    Here is a few quotes from npcs that stood out for me.

                    Postas: Elderly Obrimos Mage of great power. "Do you think yourself wise, young one? Important? Powerful? You are none of these things. You are a whelp with delusions of Grandeur. Allow me to illustrate to you your insufficencies."

                    Culsu: Moros Mage. "Most speak, a very few listen, and the barest fraction understands."

                    Now from Vampire The Masquerade.

                    My character quotes

                    "Werewolves, elders and ancients with their vast powers don't scare me the same way as people who willingly choose this state."

                    "We can not afford to relax our vigil for a moment. We have way to many enemies ready to pounce."
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                    What in the name of Set is going on here?


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                      Other quotes from my Brujah character

                      " I only get scared of the Nosferatu is when they are all gone from there hangouts. Then you know something bad is going to happen."

                      "My Great Grandsire has became a serious gamer and has a Youtube channel now. All I can say is wow."

                      What in the name of Set is going on here?


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                        Serpent of the Light:
                        - Isn't your honor a twisted thing? - asks Chidy with a grin - you will help with getting them harmed, but once the job is already done you won't reap the benefits. Isn't that a bit hypocritical? -

                        As you can see, everything about me is twisted.
                        - call it what you want, I’m aware of the thin line I’m threading


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                          My pragmatic Brujah idealist keeping it real.

                          "Your shocked that a clan of passionite rebels, free-thinkers, scholars and warrior-poets would be very disorganized? We are not the Ventrue folks."

                          What in the name of Set is going on here?


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                            "Anything with a pulse?"
                            "Picky, picky"

                            "Don't overdo the whole "elders can't cope with technology" thing. The old stories of witches talking through magic mirrors and enchanted pools are true. I was doing international video conferencing in the eleventh century. Facetime on an iPhone holds no terrors for me. Four hundred years from now, some punk neonate will probably assume that you can't handle the idea of a starship because they didn't exist when you were born. And I hope I'm there to see the sulky expression on your face"


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                              "No I don't know Gary from Ottawa. I'm sure he is a nice guy for a Ventrue" A moment of levity when kindred learn that my Brujah is from South Western Canada.

                              What in the name of Set is going on here?