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  • also about the ravnos:

    during the dark ages ravnos would pretend that they were dhampirs that would protect the kine from vampires, mostly as a way to travel with caravans without the kine getting to suspicious. This practice earned them the ire of many kindred which only worsened when the Inquisition came as the practice was blamed for making them much more deadly and was the main reason nobody wanted them at Convention of Thorns.


    • Not sure what's mundane or what's crazy so will just post as one. Note that some of these I devised long before V5 came and made some ideas of my headcanon actual canon.

      - Brujah's curse is not 'bestowed' by Caine but by Baali - either from the Baali wars or during the destruction of Carthage - either way, after some point in history when they were crushed and forced into hiding. They (Baali) resolved it'd be even a better way to cause prolonged damage and bloodshed across both Cainites and mortals than summoning demons or slowly corrupting other clans. The way Brujah went through history, I rather agree.

      - Whole Saulot-Tremere story, Saulot is a dreamer and a walking embodiment of a buddhist saying "those capable of great mercy are also capable of great cruelty". Tremere is a very ambitious but narrowminded corporate guy.

      - Haqim is da real MVP, the closest of being "decent" in our understanding.

      - Ravnos really got his Chimerstry powers from a pact with Unseelie/Fomori. I'd like the clan to be as powerful and/or influential in terms of vampiric politics and plotline as Tremere or Tzimisce.

      - Michael from Constantinopole and his Dream return in the End times and (probably) save the night.

      - The Eldest is not pink goo under NY but Tzimisce Fleshcrafting Network.

      - Everything about Russia/Post-Soviet. The amount of cringe I got while reading most of what White Wolf did on that region is immeasurable (the same you get from my level of English).
      There was no Baba Yaga, or Shadow Curtain. While Toreador and Venrue tore each other apart trying to claim Tzarist era capital city, St Petersburg, Moscow was quietly conquered by Lasombra and Old Clan Tzimisce. Whole communism thing was a Technocracy experiment who did not tolerate any vampires but failed to counter BSD and Wyrm corruption which actually warped the local Technocrats themselves. The only Camarilla period in modern post-Soviet history was in 1990-1994 before the first Chechen war. Said war brought back the worst of the Anarchs, Sabbat and Independents, especially Asamites and Setites. I'd say post-Soviet is now an amalgamation of isolated domains ruled by either Old Clan, Independents or Anarchs. Also, St Petersburg is divided between Setites, Anarchs and Sabbat. (and Tzimisce methuselah Byelobog rests somewhere deep under Obvodniy channel) Sabbat eventually take over it, with plans of making it a second Montreal (yeah I love both Sabbat and Petersburg).

      Side note: Saying Baba Yaga is a Nosferatu methuselah which runs whole of post-Soviet/Russia is like saying Peter freaking Pan is a Toreador methuselah in charge of the whole anglophone world. Funny concept to play around with but ridiculous to the extreme.

      Probably the most violent, prolonged and surprisingly underreported conflict in WoD modern history occurs for the last decade across Ural and Western/Central Siberia. Pentex, allied vampires, BSD and corrupted technocrats battle the united Russian Lupine guerilla front for the immense natural resources/Soviet military and scientific legacy of the regions. It is so overt and violent primarily due to the nature and landscape of the region: vast, uninhabited spaces with cities and towns separated by hundreds and often thousands of miles of impenetrable taiga, little to no infrastructure, lawlessness and omnipresent corruption. You can do anything you want, use any means. Huge floods, extreme cold and vast forest fires will cover any traces. Both sides don't know that they are going to be utterly crushed by solidified Quincunx Blood court who have subtly started the Great Leap Northwards, with lessons learnt from Westcoast conflict (no confrontations of any kind, only money, money and again money).

      - Sabbat lost their anarch movement shtick and turned into devil-tigers/lancea sanktum, ruled by Inquisition and only operating like black hand. Mass Vaulderies, no mass embraces. (\i have s strong feeling something close to that is going to happen to Sabbat in their V5 book)

      - Gangrel and Brujah actually join Anarchs almost in full and run it with surprising effiency (as long as they have clear targets in front of them, which are aplenty)


      • After the Week of Nightmares, the Ravnos began to plan to rebuild their Bloodline. They planned to start Embracing many candidates and teach them rapidly the ways of the Clans. Rather than allow this, the Camarilla and its Archons made a pact with the Amis Noctis in the Sabbat to carry out a purge of the Ravnos survivors.

        Now there's only a dozen or so left in the world.

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        • Originally posted by CTPhipps View Post
          After the Week of Nightmares, the Ravnos began to plan to rebuild their Bloodline. They planned to start Embracing many candidates and teach them rapidly the ways of the Clans. Rather than allow this, the Camarilla and its Archons made a pact with the Amis Noctis in the Sabbat to carry out a purge of the Ravnos survivors.

          Now there's only a dozen or so left in the world.

          Fantastically suits my ideas of giving Ravnos a new start within the Sabbat. Except for the part with Amici Nocti, who are in both in canon and my head canon in Cama. With Archons on their heels, remaining Ravnos approach Sabbat, and are accepted since Sword of Caine itself now needs every soldier.
          I was just looking on who to make most influential groups inside of severely depleted sect; guess it would be them, remaining Tzimisce, Ventrue antitribu, resurgent Salubri and most fanatical Lasombra.

          Would be logical to have the surviving original Ravnos, the Indian ones, join forces with Ratti-Ben and her Tzimisce. Together they could make southern India a place of rebirth for the whole sect. Would be interesting to influence the new Sabbat rites, offices and traditions with the local.
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          • Originally posted by Val_Nir View Post

            Side note: Saying Baba Yaga is a Nosferatu methuselah which runs whole of post-Soviet/Russia is like saying Peter freaking Pan is a Toreador methuselah in charge of the whole anglophone world. Funny concept to play around with but ridiculous to the extreme.
            I thought Baba Yaga was supposed to be a genuinely scary myth whilst peter pan only really has scary implications. But yes, it is rediculous. But I suppose Mithras controls the BBC so...

            V5 talk.
            I've been thinking about what I've said about the Tremere (That House Carna/Goratrix either don't exist or are hoaxes designed to weed out the weak/disloyal)

            Maybe the Tremere should just all die.
            It's painfully obvious that the designers have a lot of hate for them.
            Maybe it'd be better that way.

            The Inner circle blow up, someone gets access to the blood vaults, masses of tremere go the way of house Goratrix. The rest are hunted down in a progrom. Among the Camarilla, The Ventrue and Nosferatu have a clan-wide order to move against the Tremere, whilst most individuals from other clans are just happy to go along with it. The now empty, but still warded chantries are being fought over for their arcane knowledge, and many items are distributed across the internet by young vampires. Publicly, the clan is blamed for consorting with demons, fae and lupines, for masquerade breaches, and in that they were working against the best interest of the sect by their greedy monopoly.

            It's the only fitting end for such a clan.

            Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.


            • Originally posted by MyWifeIsScary View Post
              Maybe the Tremere should just all die.
              Or the Red Sign rite.

              The Revised "Gehenna: the Final Night" novel had them all die in precisely that way. Trying to turn themselves mortal to escape the end times.


              • The Tremere Post-Fall of Vienna

                The Tremere are bent and possibly bowed but unbroken. The Banu Haqim mistakingly believed that the Tremere would be easy pickings once they joined the Camarilla. They have since found out that they have little to offer other than an alternative to Thaumaturgy as the Tremere have neither degenerated into Civil War or lost enough of their numbers to weaken their position in the Camarilla substantially. As distrusted as the Tremere are by the other Clans, few of them are willing to give an unknown quantity a chance when they already have the Devil they know.

                In fact, much to the confusion of Princes and Justicars alike, House Goratrix and House Carna members will help House Tremere members (even if they mockingly call it "House Schrekt) against opposition. They may not share the same Chantry and may engage in sabotage or even outright duels but all of them share power whenever something threatens the position of Clan Tremere as a whole.

                This is because, above all, the Tremere are not stupid. The fury of House Carna is the fury of 200 enslaved Warlocks, men and women alike, who have lists of vengeance they intend to carry out whether it takes them ten days or ten centuries. The Tremere of House Goratrix engage in forbidden experiments that would revolt all but the Tzimisce and Nagaraja while believing only they can stop Gehenna from consuming all vampires everywhere. The Tremere of House Tremere believe themselves to be the only true inheritors of their Antediluvian's vision. House Ipsissimus Tremere are as wild and untamed as any Anarch but plum the depths that would drive all but Malkavians mad.

                The hate that runs between them is unending and there will be a reckoning--but the other clans are vermin.

                A Tremere may call a Ventrue, a Toreador, or even a Brujah a friend--even mean it--but they will never be equals. The Tremere know that their only chance at survival is to crush their opposition and keep their positions in-family. As the now-extinct Ravnos would say, "myself against my brother, my brother and I against all." They are bonded by an eternal love of the Art and in some ways they are better united than their mortal selves were. Indeed, House Tremere grows in power in ways it never could under the iron grip of the Seven.

                No one forbids Embracing now, no one forbids the expansion of forbidden knowledge, and new apprentices are found in the most unlikely of places. Even Anarch Tremere, as ridiculous as most Elders find them, are welcome as long as they observe the courtesies--or have something the others need. Absent a common enemy, diablerie and murder are the order of the daly. The irony is that the in-fighting is actually a bit less without the Seven to egg it on.
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                • The Flesh That Hates (SCP 610) is a Tzimisce WMD, or maybe a Meth, and looting the SCP foundation for ideas is a hobby


                  • Slashers exist in the Classic World of Darkness.

                    They are composed of a variety of supernaturals that have a unique society that celebrates kills, compares, and duels over them. They communicate through coded messages, dreams, and occasionally the internet. It's almost a mini-sect but it's more precisely a kind of cross-faction hobby.

                    Freddy Krueger (who is real since he tried to kill Wes Craven once) is on the Red List as a result.

                    The Camarilla really hate these guys while even the Sabbat is uncomfortable with them (despite how popular with certain Packs).

                    Possible Slashers:

                    * Jason Voorhees: Formori child who returned as a Revenant. Son of a Satanic witch who raised him from the dead with the Necronomicon. Alternatively, a Autarkis Nosferatu who wonders why people keep intruding on his haven.

                    * Terminator: Hit Mark V sent by Autocthonia to eliminate future mage John Connor after he used Time 6 to avert the Ascension War's loss. Believed by most to be a Paradox Spirit.

                    * Victor Crowley: A incredibly potent Specter that has the ability to use Embody 5 in his swamp.

                    * Michael Myers: Human? Spirit possessed human? Wayward Imbued?

                    * Leslie Vernon: Normal human with exceptional Craft (Traps), Subterfuge, and Melee.

                    * Chromeskull: Grimaldi Family Revenant.

                    * Ashley "Ash" Williams: Avenger Imbued or Awakened Orphan/Son of Ether.
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                    • Not something inspired by the last post but definitely related to it, thinking about things that are horror properties in our real world and what they might be like instead in the World of Darkness.

                      •'The Blair Witch Project' is a genuine piece of found footage which seems to illustrate the descent into madness and disappearance of three young film students in Brackittsville, Maryland. The footage did prompt searches in nearby communities but nothing came of it. The film has reached underground cult status and while all attempts to create major motion pictures based of it have either been buried or heavily edited, many are fascinated by the tale of the Blair Witch of the Black Woods...

                      •'Halloween' is perhaps one of the most aggreguous exploitation films ever made. Or at least it was in the late 70s... Hollywood in the Workd of Darkness has outdone itself recently. In this world, Michael Myers is a real man, a native of Haddonfield, Illinois. In 1963 the six-year old M. Myers murdered his older sister before being institutionalized. 15 years later he escaped and killed 4 people in Haddonsfield before vanishing. He is believed to still be at large, Laurie Strode remained traumatized for life by her experiences, and was outraged to find her story exaggerated and titulated and then the studio created their own fanfiction imaging Michael's future escapades while he remained at large. Her attempted suit was thrown out of court.

                      •Camp Crystal Lake, New Jersey is the site of a common urban legend where people seem to have been dying for decades since either the mid 1950s or even earlier according to legend. These real life cases of people dying and reports of a masked figure haunting the surrounding woodland as well as horrific humanoid figures in the lake itself.

                      (Inspired by popular horror films and me trying to give these three examples distinct feelings, but I do hope y'all enjoy this)


                      • Awesome, Gryffon15.

                        Speaking of slashers and other elements.

                        * The Messengers of the Imbued are a bunch of Elohim escaped from the Abyss who want to be redeemed in the eyes of God. Unfortunately, that meant they became a bunch of murderers of the supernatural and "sinners" since they're still all soldiers and warriors. They're thus a threat to the world as well. Many are also corrupted by torment into becoming slashers.

                        * The Imbued are the source of slashers in the Classic World of Darkness. If an Imbued becomes too corrupted by all the murder and violence they commit, they become supernaturally powerful and dangerous serial killers who seek out anyone who fits their pathology as "evil." These can be ridiculous or even nonsensical justifications as it only has to make sense to the host and the blood splattered spirit inside.

                        And back to Vampires:

                        * The Ravnos have a new clan role in that they are now the clan of survivors. The Camarilla has done their best to make sure all surviving Ravnos are destroyed because they believe it is a way to cover up the existence of Gehenna. As such, most Ravnos do their best to pretend to be Caitiff or hide among the Anarchs. Their persecution have driven their numbers to less than a hundred globally. They have no connection to the Roma or Indian clans now but are each individually out solely to make it to the next unlife.

                        * The majority of Elders over 600 or so think of the Camarilla as sort of a joke. They don't see it or the Anarchs as anything more than pretensions over the original "prince", "primogen", and "Sheriff" system. As far as they're concerned, Anarch Barons are just the same as Princes and it's really the same conflict over domain and power that has always existed with a new name. Sects are almost a joke to them.

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                        • Mine is more general because I do not have V5 because it will come in June in german.

                          The Beckoning is Caine using Speak Through the Blood because if his children want finally a Gehenna war they should get them and the only other exception to Clan Hecate are Golconda vampires.
                          The reason why there are already ancient folklores about Dhampire exist is, that beside being 15th+ Generation reaching Golconda and having a True Love so god shows before this love mercy and let them finally have despite this curse children. This is the reason why Golconda myths are about become human because it whas to rare to think they will still being vampire and create some Halfblood.
                          The Stoneman is the child of a 4th second gen which whas originally created because a still learning mage begged caine to save his love of live so because inspired by this love Caine thought he could do later help those that became the lovers.
                          Beside the Stoneman there is still a Kiasyd Ante and a another one that follows the Path of the Nomad which where the reason for the creation of the shinoubi because she embraced one protorappa out of excitement.
                          The Stoneman really wanted to bring the clans down because he thought the world is so fucked up because of their original sin and because there are mayby really some other 3th or 2nd Generation vampires that want to use them for their revenge.
                          The reason why every prophecy warns about that the thinbloods is bringing Gehenna is because their killing is pissing of the Stoneman and so like a greek prophety the prophety and act to prevent it is the reason why it is happening.
                          Brujah embraced Troille because one of his his children got True Love on first sight and Brujah wanted because of his description to find out if he can experience it to. But because Brujah was not able to and Troille whas a Yandere she decided to diablerize him so they are together forever.

                          As I am from Austria I need to clarify two things.
                          First my native language is german and so please point out if the english I write is broken so I can improve.
                          Second I do not own VTMV nor any line after M20 because it is not out there and I wait for the translation.


                          • These are some Cult of the Blood Gods ones that have been jumping around my head and I haven't gotten rid of.

                            1. Freemasonry is pretty much a cover for the Cult of Mithras in the World of Darkness. Many of the rituals around the Temple and so on are disguised adaptations of his writings and people take it MUCH more seriously. Many Hermetics are horrified by this discovery when they realize its rituals are influenced by a god of darkness/ancient vampire.

                            2. The Nephilim are pretty much the leaders of the Toreador clan. It's decadent, worshipful self-indulgence is due to the fact that they are the most beautiful of all and leverage that to dominate their lessers. Helena's cult used to be much more powerful but it fell apart during her time in torpor.

                            3. The revived Helena cult is actually the work of Francois Villon and not some random Neonates. Seeing his sire was alive and well at the Vermillion Wedding has him reviving it because he's terrified that she'll judge his "work performance."

                            4. Peter Thiel is a Thin Blood/Duskborn and his associates in Silicon Valley are the people involved in creating the Ashfinders. Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos were also a cover for getting massive amounts of blood to store (hence why the tests were nonsense). Her fall from grace was orchestrated by the Camarilla and she's spilled the beans to Lucinde.

                            5. The irony of the Church of Set being a cult devoted to Chaos but being a fundamentalist authoritarian sect of dogmatists is not lost on the Ministry. Whenever its members are Beckoned, they have a tendency to end up flayed or destroyed by forces unknown. Set finds them BORING more than anything else.

                            6. The Cult of Isis is a barely disguised Children of Osiris that has ALSO rebranded to meet the new millennium.

                            Author of Cthulhu Armageddon, I was a Teenage Weredeer, Straight Outta Fangton, Lucifer's Star, and the Supervillainy Saga.


                            • Speaking of vampires, playing at godhood, I'm still thinking about historical periods that we haven't seen covered much and thinking of kindred in the Bronze Age, particularly the Bronze Age of the near east ~3,500-1,300 BCE. So, here's some of that!

                              •Assamites (The Hunter Clan)
                              -Divided between the brooding Children of Haqim in their mountains to the east on the Persian Plateau and the swaggering disparates called the Children of Assam; this clan has a fierce reputation. While honored for their role in battling the dark children who plague vampires, the recent mercenary behavior of the Children of Assam grates those who must now tribute vitae to the various assassin families to avoid being marked for destruction by their enemies. Yet the Children of Assam continue to earn their keep by hunting down youthful rogues and outlaws, securing all, further establishing their interesting place in vampiric society, all the while the demigod Children of Haqim maintain domains across their mountains as warrior-priests and judges of high regard.

                              •Brujah (The Learned Clan)
                              -This clan of philosopher-kings and warrior-poets has secured a prominent place for themselves in this age of warlord-kings and the birth of the rule of law. Whether dictating divine law to proscribe order onto society or battling ferociously in defense of their protectorates, these vampires are often highly regarded by their subjects, however they are also dreaded for their 'lapses of judgement' and thus many domains dedicated to Brujah are careful not to disturb their liege's preferences.

                              •Cappadocians (The Death Clan)
                              -While being relatively few in number even taking most clan populations into consideration, these vampires often find themselves playing central roles in cthonic cults. Temple and catacomb complexes are erected to them and often times the Clan of Death are regarded to as underworld nobility by mortals who desperately seek to appease them and earn the solitary vampire's favor. The clan is few in number, although they seem most often found in the Eurasian steppes and mountain ranges.

                              •Followers of Set (The Priest Clan)
                              -The Followers of Set are infamous even in these early days for their fanatical zeal in the worship of Set and the contempt they hold for other religions, particularly those dedicated to Order and Reason which places them at odds with many other vampires who build such rhetoric at the foundation of their claims to divinity. Settites are often barred from the domains of other vampires, yet are ingenious in the ways of spiritual warfare, with the art of iconoclasm and religious pageantry amongst vampires first being mastered by this clan. While their cults are widespread, North Egypt and surrounding deserts are their homeland.

                              •Gangrel (The Beast Clan)
                              -The Gangrel of this time who cleave to city-states are relatively few. The majority of the clan remain as they have for centuries as the ancestral spirit guardians of semi-nomadic hunter-gathered and herder bands. While this
                              makes them separate from much of vampiric society, it also often places them into roles of opposition as settled people's distrust strangers and often with good cause due to the frequency of raiders, whom Gangrel often encourage and work with. In this era particularly, the gangrel are seen as the gods of savageness and wilderness, something the other clans intentionally draw a sharp contrast against.

                              •Lasombra (The Night Clan)
                              -While most prominent in the Mediterranean alongside Mycaenaen civilization, these rulers and dictators are widespread. While in their traditional lands they most often rule via cunducting Mystery Rites which the human leadership of their domains are participants of, some outsider Mycanae rule as openly as any Sumerian vampire, commanding the awed reverence of their people with displays of might and overt mastery of dark powers.

                              •Malkavians (The Moon Clan)
                              -This clan takes on several levels of society. While some are unable to survive, those who do range from high and temple gods that can guide vast domains and whose delusions and eccentricities are tolerated or even celebrated, others are so raving and demented as to be considered demons and/or prophets, whom the people tend to and support as best they can in hope of assuring the favor of their street god.

                              •Nosferatu (The Outside Clan)
                              -The Nosferatu in this time are demons and dread gods and while it's a dangerous role many take what they can get. Through fear and strength they ply offerings and obedience of humans who desperately seek to appease the wretched creatures and hold their wrath at bay. Yet few Nosferatu find they can rule this way for long, before being forced out or destroyed; whether from rebellion, the jyhad, or the mysterious hunters of their bloodline. Thus many Nosferatu become demons of rumor to human society, dreaded things that lie in filthy places below or wild places beyond.

                              •Ravnos (The God Clan)
                              -The Ravnos, while predominantly established in the civilizations of the Indus River Valley, are perhaps the most comfortable with their divine role in this period of any clan. They heed their progenitors ambitions and defend their cities from foreign gods and battle demons alike; all the while spinning reality like thread and engaging in epic passion plays suitable for organs and mythology. It is with little wonder that some say these Ravnos may have even been the first vampires to conceive of calling themselves gods.

                              •Salubri (The Good Clan)
                              -These vampires serve both as priests who tend to their brothers flocks, warriors who tend to the battles of their sisters, or even as their own divinities as well; regardless human and vampire alike are often happy to welcome the Salubri into their midst and while many vampires are viciously territorial, most are willing to allow for the brief visitations of a wandering salubri into their domains, so long as the three-eyed ones do no harm.

                              •Toreador (The Blossom Clan)
                              -Another clan who gained prominence as wide-spread divinities alongside the Brujah and Ventrue, the Toreador have proven to be some of the greatest advocates for the construction of these city-state domains both to surround themselves with mortals but to allow for the security to create greater and greater spectacle. The Toreador of this time inspire poetry, art, and architecture that would endure the test of time all the while harnessing spectacle and festival as ways to keep lively their mortal herds.

                              •Tzimisce (The Wise Clan)
                              -These scholars were considered to be intellectual rivals of the Cappadocians and Brujah alike and had they been more present they would likely have shaped human society. However many had no interest in human society, ruling as aloof gods seeking to follow in their progenitor's quest, to become truly perfect and without limitation. While plenty would participate in the petty contests of civilization and the jyhad, nearly as many if not more of the clan would depart the centers of developing civilization for the wilderness of Eastern Europe, where their ancient settlements and antediluvian cultures where shepherded far from civilization at large.

                              •Ventrue (The Ruler Clan)
                              -The Ventrue took to this age of city-states, warlords, and priest-kings with zeal and proficiency. The Ventrue were masters of their domain, shepherding vast beaurocrasies over generations and earning glory and honor alike in their time. Conquerors and warrior-kings alike often found themselves ruling alongside a capable ancestor centuries their age, nourished often with the bodies of conquered slaves or their own descendants. It was a glorious time to be a lord.

                              Now, all of this is not to say that vampires made up the entirety of Bronze Age religion, or even the majority of it. This is the World of Darkness so its entirely possible that Ancestor spirits and gods truly were walking the earth in this time. Yet whether individuals or inspired by these beings, vampires can claim names to gain prestiege. That aside, in this age why shouldn't a vampire claim divinity? With the powers they wield, they truly may be divine!

                              So, basically what I'm saying is that I'm not trying to paint vampires as the be all-end all of Bronze Age civilization or faith. They were alongside Awakened priests and priest-kings, primordial Firstborn, gods; and humanity as well. But, in lands that proudly boasted pantheons of a thousand gods in Mesopotamia alone and a thousand gods in Egypt alone... in a world where shadows stretch from the earliest moments of history and stretch shadows that reach us in this very night, how can we say that immortals did not walk the streets of our ancestors?


                              • Vampire: The Masquerade: Redemption headcanon

                                + Aneska is actually Changeling Kinian and possessed sidhe blood in her veins. This is why she has such an intoxicating enormous effect on every single human she seemed to meet. Indeed, it was why she sought the cloth as all human beings became enamoured of her quickly.

                                Alternatively, Aneska was an unknowing Vlaszy Revenant and had Presence 3 that she used unconsciously on Christof and others.

                                + The Vukodlak was the childe of Shaagra of Prague and thus was a 6th generation Methuselah. Despite his deranged and vaunted claims of being able to defeat the Antediluvians and living among the Second City, he was actually "only" several centuries old and depended on his sire for much of his power. Much of his power depended on his Koldunism and outright Infernalism where he served the will of Kupala.

                                + The Vukodlak was actually a Danislav Revenant in life (?) and this is why his name means "Werewolf" as he was Shadow Lord Kinfolk. This is partially why he was so skilled at Spirit Thaumaturgy and had a almost pathological devotion to "evil" and "corrupting purity." Shaagra was bemused by his actions and the one who arranged for the curse that put him into torpor for almost a thousand years.

                                + Orsi managed the Vukodlak's financial affairs for centuries and was the leader of his blood cult along with his brides. He regularly drank of the torporous vampire's blood at Libussa and Aneska's behest, keeping him blood bound and convinced of his master's godhood.

                                + Christof actually did destroy something akin to a hundred or so vampires in his short career as a vampire. This was a sign of how grossly overpopulated and Masquerade-breaking the Dark Ages society of Eastern Europe had come.

                                + The Ainkurn Sword protects its users and their associates from magic in a way that Etrius was grossly unprepared for. His humiliating defeat at the hands of a few Neonates is something that left him far more cautious and conservative from then on.

                                + Pink despite being Banu Haqim and a Muslim convert, very often returns to his fake Brujah identity as he has an especial fondness for it.

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