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[V20] Reflavoring the True Brujah

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    Auspex, Potence and Celerity is no worse for Combat munchkinery than Presence, Potence and Celerity.


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      Originally posted by Reasor View Post
      If the Path of Entelechy and ancient Greek culture spreading out of Chicago through the Anarch Brujah clan (as seen in Beckett's Jyhad Diary) is a plot that's going to bear any long term fruit instead of being abandoned and forgotten, then the True Brujah are going to need an overhaul in order to carve out a conceptual space where they can exist separately from the rest of the clan. Your idea is a very good start, not least because it finally picks Carthage up and does something meaningful with it.
      I am realizing how much out of touch I am with this game since I never heard about this before and ancient Greece is largest historical interest, even if not the only one, and this sounds very interesting. Guess I'll have to re-evaluate my position on the Anarchs when they do something as great as spreading ancient Greek culture.

      EDITED: But in regards to the True Brujah making Temporis into rituals seems like a good idea. Have this concept yet been field tested or is it merely theoretical at this point?


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        I kind of dislike how Auspex is seen as the obvious pick for any clan or bloodline with a focus on mental faculties. Want to make a scholarly or mystical variant of a group of normies? Just slap Auspex on them!

        Rather than make the True Brujah experts at New Agey shit like aura reading and psychometry, I suggest that they share the same aptitudes for mental influence and physical strength as regular Brujah, but the active/passive qualities of the disciplines are switched around. Presence is a form of intuitive, sometimes even non-conscious mental manipulation, but Dominate is active, ruthless mind control. Potence is the discipline of dynamic, aggressive physical prowess, but Fortitude is passive, responsive resilience in the face of adversity.

        So: Dominate, Fortitude, Temporis. The discipline spread of timeless, emotionless, implacable, unliving automatons. The fact that the True Brujah now have even less in common with their wayward brethren and share two disciplines with the Ventrue is just an added bonus. Maybe the Brujah and Ventrue Antediluvians once shared the same sire, and the millennia of feuding between the two clans is just an ironic echo of the brother against brother conflict that started this whole vampire mess.
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          Becketts Jyhad Diary was mostly a delight, but the chapter on the Brujah was highly disappointing.

          As for the Trujah, you could just make them the Toreador. Everyone of less than Fourth Generation and deep age has just forgotten.

          The clans share two disciplines, their curse is almost the same, excessive passion. They are so similar that their clanbooks mention it. Both descend from a founder of somewhat confused gender, where there is some discussion about the founders generation. Some say fourth, some say third. Some say the clan founder is dead and diablerized. Said founder hung out in classical Greece a lot. Its basically the same story.

          Or you could have it that Brujah/Ishtar was slain by two of his childer, Arikel and Troile.

          Originally posted by Mister_Dunpeal View Post
          I've toyed around with the idea that the Brujah ante was something of an asshole (mainly from the way the revised clanbook depictions went)
          I think thats a fairly strong guess. It seems pretty certain that he was Typhon, who embraced Osiris, and if you look at Sets Path of Typhon he did not seem a very nice person.


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            I have a ritual in my game from the BBEG that a player of mine was convinced was some temporis ritual. I had given clues and misdirection to allude to such but the truth was far more terrifying.

            With a chance to replay the campaign he asked to be a trujah. Which we also agreed could use a rework a little.