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    Chapter Three: Spreading the Movement part 3

    Computer Stuff

    A good chunk of this chapter is taken up giving the history of Kindred and the internet. Basically, the Nosferatu were there from the very beginning, creating their own communications network back when the internet was just operated by the military. The Nosferatu then proceeded to expand their networks into the that we know and love. The Elders get annoyed at this and try to shut it down but run up against Nosferatu soft power. From there, the Anarchs start developing their own satirical aps and systems that allow them to organize on a national level. Most of these have special magical properties that allow them to only show up to Kindred and never to mortals. The fact they're named Fangster, Bloodspot and the Anarch Free Press doesn't help them. When I think of Brujah names, I don't think of puns.

    That's more an Eric and Bill from True Blood thing.

    I have to admit this part is my least favorite in the book because a large part of it is based around the idea the Anarchs have created a "human proof" system. was established along similar lines but they have the protection of the Messengers who may actually be literal angels protecting an internet server. I think the Anarchs are much less likely to be able to pull something like this off than, say, the Virtual Adepts or Technocracy. Hell, the frigging Glass Walkers are much more likely to do this.

    I'm inclined to think that if I were to run a V20 Anarch game with a heavy focus on computers (something that is a big if by itself) that I would just make it so that the Anarchs have security that is entirely mundane. It doesn't even have to be that complicated and could just a series of questions that only Kindred could answer. "Name the 13 Clans" [Obvious], "What is an Anarch leader called?" [Baron], "Who is the biggest asshole in any Camarilla city?" [The Prince]

    I find it better than suggesting the Anarchs have magical websites that only they can see. Interesting fact, it says here that (though it's never called that) was eventually taken down by the Camarilla. I assume that meant the Messengers got what they wanted or were defeated since I only think the Baali could have banished them and I doubt the Camarilla was employing them.

    Why We Fight

    This is arguably the best section of the book as they're four short stories that give different perspectives on the Anarch movement.

    Thomasina Payne

    Thomasina is a Brujah Anarch who has successfully overthrown the Tremere Prince of Perth and turned him into a pyre. She's immediately settling down to the business of building a new Anarch Barony, only to be not-so-gently chided about what a "Anarch Free State" consists of. Thomasina basically ends up describing a Prince, Primogen, and the Six Traditions in how she's going to run her city. Thomasina isn't a fool and actually manages to deflect the accusation by freeing her neonate and making her feel gratitude while never addressing her concerns. She then admits to the ashes of the Prince that she'll probably get overthrown herself eventually.

    I fucking LOVE this story. Beautiful encapsulation of the Anarchs and the cycle of war, peace, and revolution.

    Andy Sullivan

    A story about an IRA-affiliated Brujah who is dealing with the fact that the mortal conflict of the Troubles is something that he's essentially aged out of. I found this section to be honestly a bit tasteless even if I agree with the idea it's an interesting subject. Eventually, the conflicts of a vampire's youth are going to vanish even if they seemed eternal while alive. Unfortunately, the dialogue sounds very much like someone is parodying how Irish people talk. Specifically, a Englishman making fun of Irishmen, which makes it even funnier.

    Monica Chang

    Monica Chang is a supposedly badass member of the Red Question who manages to trick a Tremere coming to kill her into getting killed himself after a failed attempt by the latter to seduce her. She proceeds to film the entire affair and put it on the internet. While it's a bit try hard, I actually liked this as a way of showing how nasty and dangerous the Red Question could be. This is notably ripped HARD in The Anarchs supplement. Basically, they actually took a few paragraphs to say "Wow, this LUNATIC filmed herself murdering another Kindred and then put it on the net. No wonder the Red Question is no more."

    I'm assuming she's either on the Red List or up there now. Probably for the following:

    * Breaking the Masquerade
    * Breaking the Sixth Tradition
    * Being the only Red Question member whose identity is known [and thus being someone they can come down on]
    * Being a renegade Tremere Thaumaturge
    * Being a Technomancer who, in my game, would be the only one who COULD create the Red Question's magic doohickeys.

    Hector Juarez

    This is a fairly good story about an Anarch gang that has succumbed to a corrupt Baron. A bunch of Latin American bikers have taken over the city of Bakersfield and their leader has since set himself up as the local drug lord as well as various other criminal enterprises. However, this has disillusioned one of his lieutenants who has since Embraced two of his ghouls (against his will). Said lieutenant wants to flee with a chunk of money he's entitled to. It ends poorly for said lieutenant but not in the Final Death for him or his neonates.

    I really like this because it's another good Anarch corruption story. I do find it says a lot about the Brujah that, "We could turn Bakersfield into a Second Carthage!" was apparently an idea that this gang took seriously.

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      Chapter Three review

      Well, I think this chapter did a good job of establishing the Red Question and what their criticism of the "Old School" Anarchs are. I've said my criticisms of them before so there's no need to repeat them. I also note that I don't think "overthrowing the Prince" should be the focus of every Anarch chronicle. I think there should be other chronicles where they just survive, establish their domain, or whatnot.

      I think the short stories were really well done and give some of the best flavor for the book that we're going to find. The idea that the Anarchs are kind of screwed because their leadership will eventually become less idealistic, corrupt, and then turn into the same sort of hoary old Elders who rule the Camarilla. It's not a pleasant thought but works well as a sign that this is fundamentally a horror game.

      Anyway, a solid chapter and now up for No. 4#

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        Chapter Four: Characters and Traits

        This is a section that will be easier to handle than all of the lore because it is about the crunchy element of creating an Anarch character that requires far less discussion. Really, it just opens us up with some of the easy bits of, "Why is your Anarch rebelling", "What's his concept?", and "What kind of archetype do they follow?" Then backgrounds, merits/flaws, and so on.

        Strangely, there's no New Skills for this and I really would have thought they'd have created some new ones like Anarch Lore, Tagging, Demolitions, Riot Creation, and so on.


        Anarch Information Exchange

        The Anarchs turn out to have a much better idea of what's going globally than anyone save possibly the Nosferatu. This allows Anarchs to know what's going on in California, London, Vienna, or other parts of the world. It's a solid ability for those who want a more globalized and united vampire society. Ironic, given that's what the Camarilla is about.

        Anarch Status

        Pretty self-explanatory and really doesn't need to be talked about at length. I have always wondered what sort of characters start with Status 5, though. Have you ever started as a Prince, Baron, or someone who is famous among all the Kindred of the City as a Neonate?


        Something that came over from HUNTER: THE RECKONING and something I'm very glad about it. Armory is an ability I've always liked even though I expect gun laws in the World of Darkness are even more relaxed than in our world. I've had more than a few characters who have started with walls full of submachine guns and katanas hidden away.

        Communal Haven

        Another ability that the Anarchs, like the Sabbat, can all pour into this. You have a haven that is shared by your coterie and you can put the money into luxury, security, or size. Personally, I think havens are things the ST should be flexible about. Yes, I know player characters who envision something like a Bond villain and have had some ridiculous suggestions but I think mostly that a haven should be allowed with appropriate resources or maybe just a 1-3pt merit. This seems like it would be a point sink.


        Just how humane are the Anarchs? This section kind of splits the difference by suggesting that some Anarchs are VERY humane and idealistic while others are huge sons of bitches. My inclination is that the Anarchs are a study of extremes. When they're all in on being "good guys" they're all in and when they're bad, they're very bad. It also states that there's some Path followers among the Anarchs due to defecting Sabbat or a few people who picked them up from other esoteric places (I'm mentally thinking, "It means Ravnos on the Path of Paradox and no one else.")

        New Merits and Flaws

        Always a favorite until Loresheets came around.


        You're very good at making peace. Something that I think Maldavis should possess but her depiction in V5 shows her as someone who is far less inspiring than she used to be and outright dismissive these days.

        Prized Patch

        This is a reference not to having choice domain in a city but that you belong to a famous Anarch gang ala the Sons of Anarchy. Which is a good inspiration for Anarch conflicts, IMHO. Just replace the ATF with the Camarilla and the conflict between Clay and Jax with one between Iconoclast versus Idealistic Brujah.


        Oddly, not a flaw but stating your Anarch has a way of disseminating their ideology and rants to a large number of Kindred. Effectively, it is the merit for allowing your player character to have a blog or newsletter that other Anarchs bother to read.

        Sugar Daddy

        You are the mistress or boytoy of another sect's high-ranking member. It doesn't have to be sexual but basically they look out for you despite the difference of you. Oddly, this is the merit that Victor would have with Fiorenza before he took her Loresheet.

        Expiration Date
        A lesser version of Dark Fate (5pt) in the fact the Kindred has successfully managed to burn any and all bridges they have with everyone around them. Worse, they're also reckless and dangerous so they will eventually get themselves killed. I liked this but I feel like it's more a personality than a flaw.

        Black Sheep

        The player character is a disgrace on a prestigous and noble bloodline. Maybe you're one of Lodin's children or even Jan Pieterszoon. They don't necessarily want to kill you outright but theyt may want to drag you back to the Camarilla, Blood Bond, or Dominate you into behaving.

        Experience Points

        Just some suggestions to awarding extra ones if your Anarchs are particularly crafty and wild.

        Review of this Chapter

        A little weak to be honest. I feel like it could have had more interesting Backgrounds, Merits/Flaws, and at least a few New Skills. Guide to the Technocracy is my gold standard for using Character Creation to inform a group.

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          Some suggestions for things they could have put in CHARACTERS AND TRAITS:

          New Skills

          Anarch History

          A revolution that does not remember its past will not succeed in its future.
          * You know who MacNeil, Tyler, and Salvador are. Vaguely.
          ** You know about the First Anarch Revolt and some of the ties between sects.
          *** You could probably teach a college course on Anarch history.
          **** You know the broad scope of Anarch history worldwide and the history of individual domains.
          ***** The Camarilla wants to recruit you no matter what your crimes are.

          Possessed by: Gangrel storytellers, Brujah Idealists, Camarilla agents, Sabbat Priests


          You are capable of wielding the power of the people against your enemies--with the right push.
          * You can conjure up a few guys with protest signs on demand.
          ** You can make a decent sized crowd outside of a store or movie premiere.
          *** You can make a cause a burning concern for your city's local news.
          **** The state government will be forced to hear your complaints, no matter how nonsensical.
          ***** You can stroke the fears of Soccer Moms across the nation.

          Possessed by: Anarch Elders, Lobbyists, Internet Trolls, Corporate Shill, Fixers


          Not all Anarchs fight with Uzis and Molotovs. A sharp-wit is better than a grenade in the Camarilla.

          * You can trash talk with the best of them.
          ** Rumors dog your enemies that are not easy to get rid of.
          *** You can destroy lives with a well-timed accusations.
          **** Toreador Elders and you have a lot to talk about.
          ***** Princes can fall upon the sort of stories you tell about them.

          Possessed By: Tabloid writers, Gossips, Toreador of all stripes, Anarch agitators, Agent Provocateurs, Bloggers

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            Chapter Five: Anarch Disciplines

            I'm more or less going to skip over this one because I don't really have much to say about the new powers provided here. Some of them are interesting and useful but others I don't think really have much purpose. Slenderman is the most useful with a combination of Auspex and Obfuscate being able to short out any attempts to take a Kindred's picture. The thing is, I'm pretty sure that should be a function of Obfuscate by itself. It also has a very powerful Viccissitude power for breaking the Blood Bond that I think is too heavy to actually be useful. Aside from Vykos and Rustovich, I don't think many Anarchs or Sabbat will be using it versus the Vaulderie anyway.

            Sadly, missing here is the Thaumaturgy rituals that would allow a person to hide their internet servers and websites from mortal. I think that those would have been the most useful to include in all of this and they're conspicuously absent. They should be low level ones but ones that should have had the effect of a invisible ink.

            Some suggestions off the top of my head?

            Magic Eye Coding (Thaumaturgy 1, Computer 3)

            This simple and easy to learn ritual causes a website to become an empty domain to anyone but vampires viewing it. It only works for that one domain but everyone else will see INTERNAL ERROR 501 or some other code in its place. This has proven an extremely powerful boon to the Anarchs in the spreading of their message. Notably, the code is still there and if transferred would appear normally. Unfortunately, some Anarchs have also discovered that non-vampire supernaturals are able to see it as well.

            Domain Ward (Thaumaturgy 3, Computer 3

            This is a stronger version of Kindred Technomancer creation. In simple terms, a website cannot be accessed by any person that is not a vampire. It serves as a ward buried inside the code and if it is accessed by someone who is not a vampire then their computer will crash (sometimes just the website). This does nothing to prevent Kindred from accessing it who might be an enemy like the Camarilla or Sabbat but works wonders for protecting the Masquerade.

            Mailer Dameon (Thaumaturgy 5, Computer 4)

            "There's a demon in the internet."
            -Giles, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

            A good reason for the Tremere to be worried about the Anarchs and technology, this is a ritual that was created by Harold Zettler the decidedly non-Anarch Malkavian Blood Magician in conjunction with severe Tremere Antitribu. Somehow, it ended up going from Sunburst Computers to a friend of a friend until it landed in the hands of several Anarchs. Several bad knock-offs and failures have since happened but a few masters have managed to replicate it. Basically, it summons a demon into the internet and sets it to guard your data and go after anyone accessing it who doesn't. If a spy attracts the ire of the demon they can have their credit cards hacked, their cellphones explode, lights turn against them, and other horrible electronic accidents.

            Even those few Anarchs capable of using this note that it relies on a lot of knowledge that most don't have like, for instance, what the hell is a corrupted Weaver spirit?

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              Unless anyone has any objections, after I finish this up, I'll start up a WIR of THE CHICAGO FOLIOS and LET THE STREETS RUN RED.

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                Chapter Six: The Storyteller's Toolbox

                The Values of Symbols

                The Anarchs love their symbols and they're things that are innate to the Movement. This section encourages things like metaphorically having the player's Irish Pub haven thrive when its good times and fail during bad. Also, uses an example of a Prince's wife that gets her heart tattooed when they seduce her. Oddly, it doesn't address things like martyrs and epic battles that an Anarch's revolutionary spirit may produce.

                The Intellegentsia

                The Brujah are thinkers and philosophers as well as warriors with the revolution often driven forward by the educated. This talks about remembering that not all Anarchs are idiots. Sadly, so few of them are portrayed as smart guys that I actually think the Ministry joining them is about the only way the fandom could believe that the Movement was a threat. Say what you will about the Followers of Set but they've never been dumb.

                The Loyal Opposition

                This is a terrible set of examples that speak for themselves as they are not remotely "loyal" opposition. "Every Stalin has his Trotsky; for every Jeremy MacNeil,
                there’s a Tara lurking in the shadows." I don't think I even have to explain what is wrong with these two examples. In any case, the Anarchs have a lot of Civil Wars among themselves for ideaological purity versus pragmatism.

                Sheep Among Wolves

                The Anarchs are much closer to humans than the Sabbat or Camarilla. The Anarchs are actually weakened by this because they often attempt to live among humans. Vampires are parasites and attempt to live among "normal" humans only result in things getting needlessly complicated. You are either predator or prey, no exceptions. I liked that.

                Morality and the Anarchs

                The Anarchs are hypocrites. This is what this section is about. The Anarchs are against the feudal system of the Camarilla but very often act like psychopaths defending their own little tiny pieces of turf. I didn't need this spelled out but I'm glad that they did. An Anarch game where they are the "good guys" loses a lot of appeal.

                The Religious Anarch

                Before THE CAMARILLA book, the Anarchs were actually more religious than the Camarilla and less religious than the Sabbat. The Anarchs have many people who are religious in traditional Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and so on. The Anarchs of the Deep South also tend to be more religious than their coastal compatriots.

                Anarchs and Paths of Enlightenment

                Anarchs can and do have a few of their people on Paths of Enlightenment but due to the fact the Anarchs tend to be closer to Humanity than Camarilla vampires, this actually makes them outliers in the sect. It's not forbidden like in the Camarilla but it means that you are often out of step and the crazy person they only call upon in extreme situations (or use to infiltrate the Sabbat).

                There's also something called Ability Communes that seems to work like Contacts but is needlessly more complicated.


                This is a section devoted to the concept of providing Storytellers ideas for which to expand on and write about. This chapter has a lot going for it but it seems more like it should be in a different chapter. This feels like it'd discussing the intellectual roots of the Anarchs and its ideas, which is something that doesn't have much to do with Storytelling. I feel like this section really needed "How do I run an Anarch campaign", "Who do Anarchs fight", and so on.

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                  Appendix: Antagonists and Allies

                  We're coming up on the end now. I appreciate everyone who commented and read.

                  This section of the book basically just has a bunch of generic templates for running an Anarch game. To be honest, I don't much care for these however useful they can be. I always prefer providing an actual full-fledged character to put in games. If I need a more generic one then I can substitute Gengis or whoever with their name removed.

                  Anarch Futurist

                  This is basically an Anarch Elon Musk, who I have frequently considered to be either a Virtual Adept or Syndicate mage. I've also had Peter Thiel as a Thin Blood who feeds on children but that's my games. I like this kind of character as someone who can speak in technology and social justice but has a kind of slimy quality.

                  Gang Leader

                  A classic of the Anarchs and something that we have plenty of examples of before. I actually like the "storyline" of this one as she's someone who has a lot of contempt for poseur Anarchs who aren't hard enough to pull off life in the concrete jungle.


                  Every revolutionary movement needs its professional terrorists. Molotovs are the urban commandos and saboteurs of the Anarchs. They show up to make things very difficult for the Camarilla then move onto the next domain. I like the description of them as "foreign agitators" who exist to force the Camarilla to make accomodations to the Movement. CBN's Sweetie Pepper would make a good one I think if he could ever calm down long enough to get involved on a state-level.


                  The Anarchs have a weird fascination with Cleavers and I've never quite gotten why. The Anarchs may not care about many Traditions but they certainly care about the Masquerade. Also, I think that unless you're a Thin Blood, hanging around your family is STUPID rather than sweet. Because eventually you're going to Frenzy and then you're going to have even more to angst over. Seriously, no one can get on your last nerve more than those who love you.

                  Sect Infiltrator

                  A Sabbat infiltrator is the model but this could apply to the Camarilla too or even an Independent Clan if they're sufficiently powerful. Certainly, I always wanted to have some Giovanni among the Movement as I think they'd appreciate escaping from the toxic environment better than most.

                  Old Volunteer

                  I really enjoy the story of this one because it talks about how he was an Anarch who was there for a "glorious victory" of the Movement only to be betrayed when his boss turned out to be no different than the previous one. He still believes in the Movement but is deeply cynical about its ability to make any real change. Solid writing there.


                  I feel like a coterie of Red Question characters would have been better for this book than just this sample character, who isn't even associated with the RQ. However, that's complaining about a dog not being a cat.


                  A Nosferatu diplomat that is used by the Anarchs to keep the various Barons in line. Basically, the tendency to tyranny and hypocrisy is endemic to every one of the sects. However, the fact is that you now know TOO much and your bosses may be working to get rid of you.

                  Elder Anarch

                  A character that I really like. An ex-slave and revolutionary who has fought the long fight for both mortals as well as vampires. The problem is that they're now old enough to look at modern Anarchs and see a bunch of spoiled entitled children who know nothing of real suffering. They are considering hanging more with other Elders, even if they're former oppressors, because at least they understand.


                  In this case, it's a Navajo code-talker in WW2 who got Embraced. They have NO loyalty to the Anarch cause but their age and comparative power plus military ability means they're able to organize things into a coherent gang underneath them. I would have gone for something slightly different for a Baron. Juggler seems like the iconic Baron for me even if he only became one after Dust to Dust.

                  The Accords of the Anarch Movement

                  Some nice little in-universe documents about THE CONVENTION OF THORNS, THE STATUS PERFECTUS, and THE TREATY OF TYRE. Nothing really new here but you can photocopy these things and use them as handouts pretty well.


                  And we're done!

                  Solid and entertaining book throughout with a lot of insight into the Anarchs that helped transform them from a collection of rebels without a clue to some dangerously deluded revolutionaries that are every bit as monstrous as the Sabbat when they're not the best hope that the undead have.

                  Gracias, everyone!

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                    Anarch Leaders suggestions

                    Just some notes on the movers and shakers of the Anarch Movement that I think could be useful to gamers.


                    West Coast

                    Jeremy MacNeil

                    Jeremy MacNeil is a guy who refuses to make the transition from being the figurehead of the Revolution to being the actual leader of it. I think the best way to portray him is someone who is long on rhetoric, ideology, and short on action. You should feel like he's the John Connor or William Wallace of the revolution but who never really wants to step out of his comfort zone to do something against his principles. Ironically, I've always run him as the guy who is Prince of Downtown L.A. and runs it as a ruthless dictatorship. Because even he's not immune to hypocrisy. It's just he can point to all the other domains and go, "Well if you don't like it, leave it." I do draw a bit from Connor Macleod, though, just because he's the obvious "legendary timelost badass who actually gives less of a shit than you'd think."

                    Salvador Garcia

                    The image of Salvador Garcia is basically different from the reality but it's one that Salvador himself clings to. He's more or less re-imagined himself as Che despite predating the man by a few decades. The romanticized revolutionary version rather than the reality. However, he's been involved in a LOT of revolutions over the past century and he burned out about a 1990 and has been going through the motions ever since. Willingly join the Kuei Jin/Wan Kuei? Probably not. Be glad when the Free States are gone and go somewhere else like Mexico or South America to fight for the Revolution? Maybe even Russia when the Brujah Council returns? Much better.


                    Rather than portray her as a Benedict Arnold to the Anarchs, I've always had Tara as doing the nuts and bolts work of the Anarch Free States. So much so that her attempt to become a Prince of the Camarilla was actually an attempt to show that a more egalitarian and just rule was possible. Unfortunately, this proved to be the worst possible decision she could have made as those who sit on fences get kicked by both sides. Not only did the Anarchs turn on her with a fury but the Camarilla had no interest in protecting their Traitor Prince.



                    Maldavis is a famous "doomed moral victor" among Anarchs who is only slightly less famous and beloved to MacNeil and Salvador Garcia. However, she has no interest in being involved in actual revolutionary activity anymore. Instead, she serves as a kind of cautious level-headed advisor to many Barons and ideologues. More radical Anarchs dislike her "patient stay the course" diplomatic style but others love her as a direct contrast to other kinds. However, she really is lacking a long term plan and mostly seeks to minimize damage. The irony is that as a Caitiff and enemy of beloved American kiss-up, I mean Camarilla hero, Lodin means that the Camarilla would never deal with her as a potential diplomat to the Movement.


                    Juggler is something of a joke in the Movement but a lot more influential than he seems. While the Baron of Gary, he was the leader of Chicago's Anarchs for decades. As such, he's the center of a lot of smuggling Kindred, weapons, propaganda, and weapons throughout the Midwest to as well as from the Free States. Almost all Anarchs who meet him think of him as a consummate sell-out using the Movement to sustain his lavish lifestyle. He's also failed to accomplish almost anything of note AS an Anarch leader. It should also be noted that his "smuggling" business is just a front for Tyler [O'Hara Airport] and Lucian [Lake Michigan]. Notably, it says everything you need to know about Juggler that he's tried and failed to kill Modius of Gary for decades when left to his own devices.


                    Joshua Tarponski is arguably one of the smartest men in the Anarchs. A Unionist and socialist organizer, he's about as far from the usual Anarch stereotype as you're going to get. He's also responsible for large amounts of actual Anarch literature that the Brujah Idealists as well as intelligisia love while more stupid members can't decipher. Capitalism, The Camarilla, and the Oppression of Immortality on Static Social Systems are typical titles of his work. He's a big kindly teddy bear to those he likes but perfectly capable of beating a man to death with his own arm if you tick him off.
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                    • I really do like this overview of the Anarch leaders! Alongside this I would also consider taking a look at Anarch leaders such as the Liberty Party leader of Boston, although I've also considered homebrewing a significant East Coast leader in Philadelphia or another domain elsewhere as well.

                      That's something I've mulled a bit and I'll probably have to do more personal research into that myself.


                      • Originally posted by Gryffon15 View Post
                        I really do like this overview of the Anarch leaders! Alongside this I would also consider taking a look at Anarch leaders such as the Liberty Party leader of Boston, although I've also considered homebrewing a significant East Coast leader in Philadelphia or another domain elsewhere as well.

                        That's something I've mulled a bit and I'll probably have to do more personal research into that myself.
                        I had an idea for Boss Callihan and Marcus Vitel but couldn't figure out how to make it gel for the East Coast. I maybe should try anyway.

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                        • East Coast Anarch Leaders

                          Boss Callihan

                          New York City's Anarch chief is basically the antithesis of what most people like to think the Anarch Movement about. The Anarchs of New York are run not by idealism but by hate, libel, and corruption. Boss Callihan controls over a dozen gangs of Anarchs formed in the aftermath of the Sabbat invasion and plays them against one another constantly. He's very good at blaming everything wrong on the Camarilla and has a decided habit of favoring white men over other minorities or women among his followers. Nevertheless, the Brujah Elder has tendrils throughout the region with everyone having to donate to him in order to get any sort of help for an operation beyond their immediate turf. Boss Callihan has recently made a lot of friends with certain Far Right internet groups, Skinheads, Neo-Confederates [despite being a lifelong New Yorker], and militia movement members.

                          He is very popular with them, though, because populism as well as scapegoating are his bread and butter.

                          Ironically, Boss Callihan is Blood Bound to Prince Helena Panhard and her devoted lover. He strikes out at the rest of the East Coast's Camarilla but works to keep the Anarchs under his command angry but divided. Joshua Tarponski and Salvador have both considered having him killed over the years. They've since started supporting local Torque to overthrow him.

                          Most of this is from Coteries of New York and it's a fairly decent portrayal if you just want an Anarch Baron you hate.
                          Andrea Parker

                          The leader of Boston's Anarchs and the Liberty Club is in a pinch as she is a woman who has fought for decades to reform the Camarilla from within. So much so that she's basically become more accustomed to the rarefied air of Elysium than the rough and tumble heart of the Anarchs. The Separatist Anarchs who want the Brujah, Gangrel, and other Low Clans to leave the Camarilla are people she fights against terribly. However, if they were to succeed then she would be berift of allies in a much more hostile sect.

                          She has since turned to people she probably shouldn't be making deals with in the Giovanni and now much-smaller Children of Isaac. Both have promised her protection from the Camarilla should things go South and she's started moving further to the Iconoclast side while still hoping to pull concessions from the Ivory Tower as an alternative.

                          A part of her believes she may need to become the first Anarch "Prince" but worries this will just make her another

                          Since I don't think she's ever been written up, I'd make her an Irish woman descended from immigrants during the Famine. She worked as a Suffragist, Irish Rights activist, and later trade unionist. However, despite her rabble rousing rhetoric, her parents actually managed to make a fortune before her Embrace and give her an education. She thus has a lot rarefied air than most Anarchs as well as very little "street" sense despite her background.
                          Marcus Vitel

                          Possibly the most powerful "Anarch" in the entire United States and one that goes by the title "Emperor" instead of Baron. In addition to controlling Washington D.C., he also claims large swaths of the surrounding area as well as props up a dozen other Anarch domains with cold hard cash as well as military-grade weapons. The idea that Marcus Vitel is a believer in the "Movement" is a joke that everyone essentially gets but very few actually care about.

                          The ancient Lasombra rules absolutely and frequently gives commands down to his "Centurions" but serves as a one man Camarilla alternative that can flat out defy Justicars and shut down their efforts against domains if you ask him nicely. All of his soldiers must pledge allegiance to him personally with a gladius over their hearts. Their pledge is simple: absolute loyalty in exchange for domain, protection, and wealth. Ironically, he has very little resistance because Marcus doesn't insist on the Blood Bond and virtually every Anarch who HAS agreed to his terms (and lived up to them) has been rewarded lavishly. He's had to crucify a few and leave them for the Sun but, generally, very few of them disobey once let alone twice.

                          Marcus knows the Blood Bond is an erratic tool as people become irrational under it and develop deep festering resentments. He knows it from firsthand experience with his daughters. Dominate, Presence, bribes, and fear may be less permanent but they're more reliable. Besides, one of his biggest enemies is the Sabbat and they can easily break the Blood Bond of any of his servants--which is why he prefers other ways to control them.
                          Salvador, Maldavis, and MacNeil think of him as the embodiment of everything they hate in the Camarilla but find themselves trapped in their own rhetoric. If people swear allegiance voluntarily, then they can't begrudge them that choice. It's just Marcus is a Methuselah and his cult of personality is something that goes beyond normal human charisma (and he had loads of that 2000 years prior anyway). The Camarilla has considered adding him to the Red List but they're genuinely worried he'd try to nuke the country in revenge [and they're not wrong] or something similarly horrifying. The Sabbat are divided between those who want revenge on him for taking Washington D.C back from them and those who think he'd make a good Regent after their present civil war.

                          Marcus considers the Anarch cause "quaint" and the Camarilla to be something of a joke since he's three times older than said organization to begin with. He fully believes he can create an American Empire for Kindred within the next century if Gehenna doesn't destroy their kind. Oddly, despite his age and intellect, he doesn't actually look down on the Anarchs themselves or consider them fools for their actions. He grew up in a time of great instability and sees them just as Roman-like citizens denied bread, slaves, and land. Freedom was always just an excuse for the Camarilla not properly rewarding servants. Bread and circuses is the proper way to rule and any Emperor who doesn't provide both deserves to fall.

                          Disturbingly, he may be right.
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                          • Gah, I forgot about them!

                            For me, the Anarch Movement of the East Coast would be defined by a sense of history and old senses of revolutionary morality (Tammany Hall democracy and Roman Imperialism are both distinct from the Camarilla in their own ways) as well as a sense of history in upheaval.


                            • Originally posted by Gryffon15 View Post
                              Gah, I forgot about them!

                              For me, the Anarch Movement of the East Coast would be defined by a sense of history and old senses of revolutionary morality (Tammany Hall democracy and Roman Imperialism are both distinct from the Camarilla in their own ways) as well as a sense of history in upheaval.
                              Yeah, I considered making Parker a Revolutionary War patriot woman but it seemed a bit too old for the theme. I imagine she still is the closest embodiment of it.

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                              • Gah, I just saw that I had posted mine when I saw your post about considering Vitel and Callahan and hadn't seen the leaders of the east coast Anarch Movement. X D