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  • DIO

    In a theoretical situation, after the events of Eyes of Heaven (a PS4 game based off the Jojo franchise for those unaware), DIO is warped out of reality and sails around in a meaningless zone until he arrives in the World of Darkness universe. How would all the Clans react to him and how he uses his fingers to feed instead of fangs? What kind of power level would DIO be compared to the WoD Kindred and other splats? Also what would his character sheet look like? Just a fun Friday question.

    Summary of some of DIO's abilities:

    Superhuman Strength (could be translated as a Mega-Attribute as per Aberrant maybe)

    Superhuman Regeneration

    Superhuman Dexterity

    Hydrolyzed Super-Sonic eye beams

    Instead of using his fangs like previously mentioned, Vampires from the JoJo universe gather blood with the fingers instead of teeth.

    Can freeze Universal time for 10 seconds (It is also eluded that if given more training, he can do it indefinitely as it is powered through breathing and DIO doesn't need to breath)

    Mind Control cortical parasite "Flesh Buds" (Can make a series of ghoul-like eternally loyal adherants without the need of blood-bonding)

    Can freeze matter with a mere touch

    Has a Familiar-like entity called [The World], a "Stand" that is completely invisible to all but other "Stand" users (maybe Awakened can see Stands with a good sphere level in Mind and Spirt)

    The World is not only responsible for DIO's ability of Universal time-stop, it also despite being an Spirit can manipulate and destroy objects at the instinctual will of DIO.

    Capable of flight through the use of The World semi-carrying DIO's body

    As long as the head is not destroyed, DIO can usurp another body for his purpose.

    Bio-Necromancy; his parasitic strange Vampiric discipline can raise the dead to do his bidding with his blood. He can also turn already live subjects into Zombies too

    Like WoD Kindred, he can either drain or kill another sapient, then give it his blood to turn it into a Vampire aswell.

    DIO can also graft flesh matter together at will to Fuse different body parts together to form new creatures like the Tzimisce does, giving it unlife with blood to be an abomination to serve the will of DIO.

    What do you think?
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    Post-Eyes of Heaven? So does he have The World Over Heaven or just The World as we know it in Stardust Crusaders?

    I'd personally presume that supernatural beings in general can perceive Stands, in this case. At the very least, anybody who can see auras.

    DIO's basically going to try to forge his own power bloc in the Jyhad through whatever alliances prove most convenient, pledging lip service to the Camarilla, Sabbat, Anarchs, or his own claimed ideology based mostly just on how many older vampires and power players he's able to position himself to win over. The flesh buds are a huge advantage, though one that can backfire as I assume at least some supernatural powers, including Vicissitude, can safely remove them and turn DIO's assets back on him.

    The biggest factor against DIO is going to be how quickly he learns of the existence and nature of more numinous Disciplines and other supernatural powers, because he's very dependent on physical forces, and The World isn't going to do much against a powerful use of Dominate or a sorcerous binding. If he learns sooner, he tries to lay low and identify as many of them as he can and figure out how to subvert them through catspaws, the usual Jyhad style. If he doesn't learn soon enough, then he grows his power base too quickly, gets noticed, and then all bets are off.
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      Its Post, but he lost the ability of The World Over Heaven after the catastrophic bout with Jotaro and when he awake in the WoD Earth he found that he only possessed The World. I think DIO would be too strong willed for things like Presence or Dominate to work on him. I also forgot to note that DIO also has a form of Dominate in the form of Vampiric Hypnosis (which was Anime only and not in the Manga may I add).

      Also just saying how strong DIO is and how experienced he is at combat, I doubt even the high level Elders would have a chance against him. Though I would like to how he would fare against the Justicar or Templars of both Kindred sects. Regardless though, DIO I feel outclasses alot of the Kindred in WoD even considering [The World]. Not only does it allow him to stop time, it also punches and hits at mach speed- which is easily high level aggrevated damage a piece. Time Stop basically is effective against almost everyone, unless he's fighting against a High Sphered Mage or a Brujah Trujah. So even in an ambush he's extremely strong and unlikely to be killed off. Alone facing off another is basically he wins unless its extremely strong entity.

      I don't know how good he would be at indirect Jihad though, considering his abysmal track record of getting the most inane and barely competant minions.. I feel like with a Stand Arrow in this universe to acquire other Stand using subjects, he'll resort to Flesh Budding, his own childer, and Zombies (which are intelligent, not the mindless shambling type) that would do his bidding. Also you underestimate DIO's intelligence. He is shown in the Manga to have an indepth almost scholar-like knowledge of Stands and their different capabilities- and how to even utilize the ones with the most unassuming powers for an advantageous outcome. Its like he would Flesh Bud birds or other means of spy networking to gather knowledge on the different Disciplines at large- maybe even gain intel directly. That would barely be a problem for DIO at all. Even if he gets noticed in the Jyhad, he'd probably maneuver enough where his base can still operate and whether any push-back.

      I also disagree agree with the sensing Stand part. Only Awakened with spheres in Spirit or Mind could probably tell he has somesort of Stand/Familiar type. High in those, the'll probably could actually see it. Other splats mostlikely not, especially the WoD Kindred. They would probably think he has somesort of Telekinetic discipline or something.
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        Demon level at least.

        There is a demon gift for vampires that allows you to touch someone and drain their temporary willpower and it counts as blood. Pretty nasty applications can be combined with that.


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          Originally posted by Shakanaka View Post
          I also disagree agree with the sensing Stand part. Only Awakened with spheres in Spirit or Mind could probably tell he has somesort of Stand/Familiar type. High in those, the'll probably could actually see it. Other splats mostlikely not, especially the WoD Kindred. They would probably think he has somesort of Telekinetic discipline or something.
          While I generally agree that supernaturals shouldn't just be able to see Stands "just because", I think a Vampire with Auspex could see the impression of a Stand in the person's Aura. Even if they couldn't see it "in action". At the very least, an Auspex user should be able to tell that DIO is manifestly different on a spiritual level than any being - living or undead - native to this world.


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            IMHO, Dio is absurdly powerful by PC standards, but not so much by NPC standards. He's basically "Disciplines: Yes", which is what a lot of VtM elders are already are. His most unusual trick is The World, which is generally a trick reserved for a couple trujah methuselahs. But, we can consider The World to be a spirit familiar instead, and suddenly Dio becomes about equal to Dracula and other elders of similar level who shoved a ton of xp into thaumaturgy and necromancy.

            So overall, I think Dio is a solid elder level threat that would shake up the local politics and be hard to deal with without Tremere and Giovanni, but he's not a sect-unto-himself level threat.


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              [The World] is a much more advantageous factor than writing it off as a Familiar. Its a highly deadly Stand that can rapid punch any object at an extremely fast mach speed, precision, and strength. With this DIO can take on ALOT of high level Elders if he wished and come off mostly unscathed. Not only is he adequately trained with immense synchronization with [The World] from fighting Jotaro, DIO with the world can do a FULL time stop that isn't a Discipline- an innate power that is granted with the [The World]. So he doesn't get weaker from continuously using it as it doesn't incur blood satiation from expended Vitae. A flurry punch by itself from [The World] is probably straight Aggravated damage considering how hard and fast it is. His biggest threat would probably be Imbued (kinda like what Jonathan was back in the Jojo universe in a way), Awakened at high Arete, or a Trujah (though it'd mostly depend on who would initiate timestop first and I'd guess Trujah aren't really as a good fighters as their descendant usurper line). [The World] isn't just a Familiar, its more than that by a long way. [The World] can operate indefinitely whilst a Familiar needs Quintessence which is alot of maintenance. Also Familiars are physical beings that need a chassis or body, while the [The World] is like a Wraith/Spirit that instantaneous effect things across the Shroud despite its strength- thats OP.

              He'd probably carve out Praxis in a mid-tier city, taking out all opposition and recruiting the WoD Kindred who will join his cause- while making his own brood of childer and zombies to supplement his forces. After that first phase DIO probably is going to take his time researching about the leading Jyhads and work from there with a careful maneuver. It should be noted that DIO is a high level genius who was a god for a brief moment. He got defeated by the Jojo bloodline because they are just as equally nifty as him with a bit of luck. I personally think he would be an Autarkis level threat, aslong as he plays the Kindred politics on its head in his favor.


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                Look, if you just want to say that your dad would beat up my dad - go ahead and say it. Dio is not a VtM character so you can translate him into your game however you want.


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                  And here I was thinking I was the last in line and hoping for a rainbow in the dark.


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                    Eh, the world isn't really that amazing when you consider VTM has Temporis. You could functionally stat the world as a Spirit or Demon using the VTM rules(disciplines rather than arts) and that would account for the fact it doesn't use Dio's reserves.

                    A reasonable stat block for "Da Waldo" would be Temporis 6, Potence 5, and Fortitude 5 with the "Jackhammer Punch" combo Discipine. For it's Temporis 6 power we'll give World a unique power "Time Stop" which will let world use All it's extra actions from Clotho's gift on their turn even if other users possess celerity or temporis, this ability is thwarted by anyone with a temporis power higher than "The world".

                    Second I'll give it the Bonded Partner ability, "the World" is always bonded to a living physical being. During any actions The world and their bonded partner both use their higher of their initiative scores, act on the same turn, and if "Time Stop" is used by "The World", then either the bonded partner or "The World" can act during any of the extra turns granted.

                    Dio's abilities could be similarly simulated with Vicissitude 6, Protean 6, and the Necromancy Bone path 3.

                    Superhuman strength, dexterity, resistance and regeneration on the other hand are things literally Every vampire has access to, as even a 13th gen neonate can blood buff physical attributes to 6 and regenerate instantly by spending blood. Making him a 7th Gen with 6 in physical stats and the ability to buff those to 7 simulates this.
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