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    Originally posted by Kharnov View Post

    It was a while back, but I actually checked out the source material. It's a very brief reference, but I'm confident it's referring to Wan Kuei, though Cainite refugees would also make sense.

    And my wariness comes down to two words: cultural appropriation. Just because it's pretty common in White Wolf material doesn't mean I need to thoughtlessly continue that pattern. I'd probably at the minimum need to do a fair amount of research to ensure that I wasn't trivializing something significant in the local Indigenous cultures for the sake of a game. Which isn't to say that I haven't looked into local materials for inspiration, but I've got a lot of work to do there before I figure out what I'm comfortable drawing on and what is better off left alone.
    Not to mention there's a bunch of things about that paragraph that don't add up very well. For starters because "smuggling people for intelligence-gathering/espionage" seems like a sort of international intrigue more in synch with Quincunx retribution jingoism than what i remember seeing on the japanese Ujis in the books themselves. Also, the HK expatriates mixing up with the japanese, when they could far more easily blend into the much larger mortal population of English, Scottish, Irish and chinese origins, well, that sounds a tad counter-intuitive to me.

    Originally posted by Kharnov View Post
    Also, I'd very much prefer something other than Baali at this point. In particular, I'd really love to find something that would be outside the "regular" experiences of vampires and werewolves, likely something from an entirely different gameline. One, because I love messy crossovers, and two, because it makes more sense that something like that could remain a mystery to both the Kindred and Garou for such a long time.
    Well, i guess wraiths/risen or some rogue-mutated Familiar resulting from an awakened dancing too far with Paradox might be fun to tinker with, but no big ideas to add in that subject really. Monteparnas' suggestions do seem pretty solid to riff from if one is familiar with the CtD stuff.
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