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  • [V20] Background limits


    For V20, can individual background dots be greater than 5? Like Resources 6, or Retainers 8?

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    I feel like Resources should at least be a background that goes higher.

    In the M20 corebook, Resources greater than 5 are explained - there, they are limited to the Syndicate, but in Vampire I can totally see resources like that applying to elders that have pulled on the threads of the modern economy since old times.

    Lemme quote the Resources from M20:

    X Working poor: You live paycheck-to-paycheck, and that’s about it.
    • Slightly ahead of the game: You’ve got a small apartment and perhaps a cheap vehicle. By local standards, a working-class income.
    •• Lower middle class: You’ve got a condo or apartment, plus a vehicle, some savings, and enough money for occasional indulgences.
    ••• Middle class with property: You either own or have decent equity in some property, plus a vehicle, investments, and savings. You could maintain a one-dot standard of living indefinitely.
    •••• Well-off: You own a large house, some property, and at least two vehicles, as well as notable levels of savings and investments. By local standards, you’re a millionaire, and although that’s not worth as much as it once was, it’s still nothing to sneeze at.
    ••••• Welcome to the 1%: As a multimillionaire, you’ve got substantial holdings, investments, and savings.
    ••••• • Hollywood money: Whatever you want, you’ve got it.
    ••••• •• Billionaires’ club. You can influence an entire business or industry.
    ••••• ••• Bruce Wayne level wealth. You own companies.
    ••••• •••• Tony Stark level wealth. You own industries.
    ••••• ••••• Bill Gates level wealth. You own governments.

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      Alternatively you make an Industrial Leader type of background which requires Resources 5 before you can gain ranks in it.


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        If you want it to go higher, no reason it can't. Just have the XP cost scale accordingly. 6+ Backgrounds were always something that should've been decoupled from generational limits.

        I use this scale in my games:

        4: Moderately wealthy. Net worth tens of millions USD.
        5: Very wealthy. Net worth hundreds of millions USD.
        6: Net worth ~1 billion USD.
        7: Net worth ~several billion USD.
        8: Net worth ~10 billion USD.
        9: Net worth ~several tens of billions USD.
        10: Net worth ~100 billion USD.

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          I have resource dots multiply the previous dot's amount of money.

          4-$360 or 24 x 1 dot of resources.
          5-$1800 or 120 x 1 dot of resources.

          When I worked this out, I realised the following
          5 dots of resources is not "Welcome to the 1%". Ignoring third world nations, you're in the .01%. 1% is like 4 dots of resources.
          10 dots of resources is still below the wealthiest billionaires.

          0-$54432000, or 3628800 x 1 dot of resources.

          You'd almost think reality was rather unfair. One can only imagine it worse in the WoD.

          So, In a Clanbook for the ventrue (or maybe it was LotC) There was a merit for starting with more than 5 dots of a background other than gen, the implication was resources.
          I don't think there's something magically wrong with vampires having more than 5 dots of resources. They don't fail to accumulate more money because their blood is too thin. I do, however, think 5+ backgrounds are too strong for new characters, though in the case of resources you've got diminishing returns post 5 dots. I actually like my neonates not exceeding three dots in any backgrounds at character creation, I think it's more ballanced and makes for better characters (Because I'm not dealing with a bunch of very poor 8th gens)
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