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    Recently I've run into a bit of a problem with my hunting grounds and decided it's time to change things up a bit. I've claimed a decent sized area to hunt in and set up the beginnings of a criminal empire. I'm a alleycat Hunter and usually target rival gangs, dealers and such to feed the beast.

    As such, words gotten around about a new crew on the streets that has no problem making you disappear or "mugging" you of your stash at night. So of course people start staying in at night and I refuse to harm innocent people due to some new story elements where I've regained humanity and remembered some of my mortal past.

    I've got awhile before my next game but I'm hoping to find a new way to get blood. I have a couple irons in the fire but any ideas are welcome. I have trouble when it comes to coming up with new ideas so I'd appreciate the help.
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    "...I refuse to harm innocent people."

    They say, having started a street gang.

    In all seriousness, some would argue that hurting innocent people is a forgone conclusion for a vampire. Over a long enough time scale, the character WILL end up leaving a few corpses of innocent people behind. As such, some would argue that the character is being foolish, and should just bite the bullet and feed on a rando already.

    I am not one of these people, though I can't argue that the character WON'T end up snacking on a normal citizen at some point.

    As for alternatives, there's always animal blood, if the character needs to tide themselves over until the rival gangs become less cautious. How close is the nearest cattle or pig farm? Even rodents can work, if you get enough of them...assuming you're using V20 or earlier. No idea how V5 handles animal blood.

    On the downside, the character would need to keep any animal feeding on the DL. That kind of thing is frowned upon in "polite" vampire society, if it's not an absolute emergency (and sometimes even then).


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      Alternatively you could steal van, repaint it, steal a few uniforms, and have your mortal gang members do a false blood drive around the neighborhood during the day.


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        Be a fake drug dealer. Addicts get euphorias from secret feedings and are non the wiser. You could give them rebranded aspirin and then fang then after they eat it. Being exclusive and secretive you can control how your herd grows and acts.