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V20 Chimeristry or Combo Discipline

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  • V20 Chimeristry or Combo Discipline

    Theres a combo. Disc. Called Craft Ephemera, it requires Chimerstry 5 and Fort. 3. I like but also feel it should be available as an Elder level disc. Ninth level Chimerstry Fabricate let's you make or unmake something for a scene. It even let's you change the pull of gravity. I feel like a level 8 power could create a real canteen or the like. Does this sound reasonable? In our game we have reached heady levels of power and I'd like to push for this.

    Ðoes this sound to you like it fits as an Elder level power. If so does 8 sound right or lower? Nine can already do it and more so I think that's too high...

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    For what it's worth, just buying the first three dots of the Path of Conjuring would be as or less expensive in XP than creating an elder level discipline to do the same thing, and imho that is a more appropriate power level.