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Ideas for major Tremere plots?

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  • Ideas for major Tremere plots?

    So I play vampire on a MUSH setting, which is basically just an online game that is always up. So people are free to log on and play with others whenever they are free. The upside is you can log on and play whenever you are free and play with lots of different people and you can really go deep with casual roleplaying and stuff. The downside is that outside specific periods of time when a person decides they want to DM and run a scene(and many people don't like to DM stuff and just want to play) things can be a bit slow and even boring. I am focused on a big group of Tremere players and trying to think of a major plot or something that can get people really active.

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas? Something interesting that doesn't require heavy DM supervision, so people can meet up and make story progress, or talk about it, or plot and scheme about in the slow periods between more action packed scenes that might not happen as often? I was thinking maybe something with having people compete for rank and stuff, though I don't actually want them to start killing each other or anything hehe. It is a MUSH, so you get a mix of many people with different play styles(rather than just playing with a group of friends) and you do some times get those more aggressive type people.

    Anyone got any ideas or anything?

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    A rumor surfaces that a low generation Salubri ancient is laying torpid under the domain.


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      What does "low DM supervision" mean? No interactions with NPCs? No combat encounters? No inventing magics?

      I have a bunch of ideas, but having never played a MUSH game, I don't know which work and which don't.

      Furthermore, I believe Carthage should be destroyed.


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        Some other vampire(s) worked blood sorcery out and are using it to gain favour in court. The Tremere need to work out a way to get rid of them in an appropriate manner.

        Whilst working with devils is not banned within the Tremere, A ranking member of the Tremere is getting a little to familiar with infernalism and it looks like outside forces, who aren't so open minded, may come to such a conclusion and discredit the clan.

        The clan's financial assets, or their supply chains for ritual ingredients, are under attack. The players must wind things down.

        The clan wants a chantry in Anarch territory. Make it happen.

        Some fool wants to split from the House and make their own House, with blackjack and hookers. Burn it down.

        The higher ups believe a secret society is making moves within the clan. Stop it.

        Your beloved regent has been replaced by a shithead. repeal this change.

        V5 is not VTM


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          Originally posted by pang4 View Post
          What does "low DM supervision" mean? No interactions with NPCs? No combat encounters? No inventing magics?

          I have a bunch of ideas, but having never played a MUSH game, I don't know which work and which don't.

          Yeah, mostly that. So if you were playing a table top game, and the DM had to step away from the table for an hour, what can you still do while they are gone? You could interact with minor npcs, like ghouls working at the chantry, or some random humans at a club, but you wouldn't want the players going out and intimidating the police chief and influencing the police for of the entire city without the DM supervision. On a MUSH, rather than DM you have staff that keeps things fair and you can do everything you can at a table top game, but you basically need approval first and since there is a lot of players they are usually busy and their time is limited.

          Perhaps the best way to look at it, is that the greater the potential fallout, the more staff needs to be involved. So if you beat up a bum in a back ally, there is little risk there so you could do that. If you fire bomb a building, then police might show up, it might be on the news, maybe someone will hunt you down for it, and that stuff will require staff supervision.

          On the positive side, most important vampire type positions in the city are held by players rather than npcs. So the regent, the prince, the sheriff and so on are all players. So if you wanted to say suck up to the prince to get in his good favor for example, you can do that without any supervision.


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            When it comes to Tremere games I find it works best to give a central project or goal for everyone to work towards, rather than each person having their own stuff to do. Kind of like how in an MMORPG you can have clan events or projects where everyone contributes resources and time to achieve a goal. This tends to work for most of the tightly knit clans in the game.

            For Tremere a good minimal ST oversight goal is building a new Chantry. The ST picks the type of chantry it is and gives a list of possible locations that could be converted or just built from scratch on and let the players have at it. A war chantry is going to be built and designed in a very different way than say a research chantry. Alternatively there are such things as mobile chantries that can spice things up. The PCs don't even have to be the ones using the chantry, they could just be a group being given the job of building it, like an arcane construction company.

            A high end RV which roams the highways and cities with a couple ghouls and a few tremere who have Patch of Technomancy and Path of Conjuring is a hacking focused game waiting to happen. On the move during the day, and hacking during the night. Great for cyber warfrare or masquerade control. Think vampiric "Pimp my Ride" as a baseline.

            A military transport plane or small cargo ship that has been warded and modified for vampiric needs makes for an excellent attack platform to dispatch a combat squad made up of ghouls, loyalist gargoyles, and tremere who are trained in Lure of Flames or other combat paths. In essence it is an arcane delta force transport vehicle.

            Alternatively the Players could setup dummy Chantries around a city that provide additional security for the actual chantry. Some of these are just dead ends, while others can be death traps designed to wear down potential attacking forces.

            Regardless the players will have fun digging into the books for fun mechanics, they can submit design suggestions based on the space available, and they can bicker endlessly about themes and d├ęcor.


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              One idea might be related to learning how Thin Bloods (And dhampir) can learn linear magic/sorcery (and still have in theory the potential for thaumaturgy if they had a teacher, as per time of thin blood) That's something that the Tremere would be very interested in exploring (as linear magic has more in common with vampiric thaumaturgy than sphere magic) and they might learn new and interesting ways to play around with blood sorcery. Or at the very least, develop new magical weapons/cannon fodder to throw against their enemies.

              i've always wanted to see some sort of revenant/ghoul or even dhampir who might use archaic sorcery like was outlined in the V20 Tal'mahe'ra guide, given that Tremere thaumaturrgy has a basis in the archaic Hermetic magics present in Dark Age: Mage (a different sort of sorcery, and I suspect they'd also like to investigate blood familiars if they could learn that.)

              If you still operate in a situation where the withering might exist and you surmise its because magic is dying and vampires become bygones, you might also have Tremere trying to find ways to return 'magic' to the world (think of it as a continuation of the efforts that made them vampires to begin with in the dark ages when magic was dying, then...)


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                Since the clan is so hierarchical and dependent on one another (since they trust everyone else less than their fellows - saying something), perhaps set up a situation wherein the Tremere can advance through the internal levels of clan structure with the sponsorship and confirmation of other members. The wiki notes these levels for Tremere: Acolyte, Apprentice, Magister, Regent, Lord, and Pontifix. Each rank is comprised of seven levels. Assuming you have enough Tremere, I would suggest the following:

                A higher ranking (i.e. next level up) Tremere must sponsor the advancement of a Kindred beneath said Tremere in the pyramid. For that to be accepted, two other members must concur. Concurring members must be ranked higher than the sponsored Kindred, but need not be at the higher level. In certain circumstances, two lower-level Kindred could count as one concurring vote for the purpose of this advancement.

                Example: A Magister of the first rank, recently elevated, seeks to instruct some of the Acolytes in the proper way of conducting one's self as a Tremere. She sets them routine tasks, asks questions, and expounds on her thoughts of what it is to be great within the clan. One Apprentice of the third rank stands out to her by assisting in the instruction, so she sponsors that Apprentice to ascend to rank four. She and the Apprentice must now find two more Tremere to concur with this who are themselves forth rank Apprentices or higher. Alternately they could find one such individual, and allow two of the Acolytes to attest to the efficacy of the instruction provided, and have them stand as the "second" concurring vote.

                Example two: A recently elevated Apprentice of the forth rank has two Acolytes to thank for helping him in the slow climb through the ranks. He sets about giving them tasks to ensure both his current status and that they are comporting themselves as exemplary new Kindred. He notes that he will submit one of them for advancement, pitting them against one another in some sort of instructive, yet fun to witness, adversarial scenario. At the end, he sponsors the victor, convinces his Magister to concur, and now only has to find one more vote to reward the clever Acolyte.

                Limit the sponsorship either to one per rank, or one per time period, and allow them up to three times as many votes to concur, or a number of concurring votes per level. This will limit them somewhat. You may also add a rule that the same sponsor cannot elevate a Kindred twice in a row, and there must be at least one new vote to concur per level. Basically, make them get creative and allow them to socially back-stab one another in a climb for more authority and power.

                The idea here is that they are now going to generate their own plots like wildfire, as they mine those beneath them for information, help, or their own twisted amusement.


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                  [mild crossover with Werewolf: the Apocalypse]

                  A group of Apprentices end up missing for a week, and when they return to the Chantry it is quickly determined that their blood no longer reads as Vitae, they suffer none of the fury of the Beast, and most terrifying of all to the Pyramid they have lost the ability to use Thaumaturgy due to its reliance on the mystic properties of Vitae.

                  They have become Weaver-drones.

                  The locals become divided on the matter of how to respond to it. Half the Chantry want to keep the Apprentices alive to study the effects of the forces of the Weaver on Kindred. The other half want to destroy the Apprentices and purge all evidence, lest it have negative ramifications when outsiders discover this.

                  Who do the characters side with?


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                    The Tremere are intellectuals. Perhaps it would be appropriate to give them an intellectual puzzle. My suggestion: breaking a cipher.

                    The scenario is that some or all the Tremere in the city find or are sent a letter. One that is written in codes and/or ciphers. What does the letter mean? That's up to the one making the cipher, as is whether the nature of the "prize" is revealed ahead of time. Options could include: 1) an address where certain valuable arcane artifacts or texts have been placed; 2) the formula for a Thaumaturgy Ritual whose function could be highly beneficial; a message revealing the location of a Tremere Antitribu safehouse (that the Tremere PCs could keep watch over, until an actual Storyteller can run an encounter with said Antitribu); a secret about a different PC (the Storyteller setting this up will need to confer with another PC and get their blessing) or a secret of some ranking Tremere NPC above them all; or something as innocuous as a set of personal information for a number of mortals, such as social security or credit card numbers, that can be used in a pinch to bump up Resources.

                    With the ciphered and/or coded message in hand, the Tremere players could all work on it in their spare time. Possibly collaborate - wholly or in part, in the event some characters choose to keep it a secret from the others - on decoding.deciphering the message. The material doesn't need to be so complicated as to stump CIA code-breakers. This is a game, after all. It's just enough to present a brain challenge, and give the players in question a chance to flex their thinking (or researching) skills. It's not something that needs to be adjudicated by a Storyteller; either the players crack the code or their don't.


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                      In terms of escalating evil...

                      Some Tremere agents are destroying anyone magical who does not serve the Tremere. So, they murder humans with a numina score who are not Tremere or the a Tremere ghoul.

                      Tremere agents are trying to recover the ashes of a destroyed and vile Tremere wizard, who they hope to bring back via "ye olde essential saltes."

                      Tremere, through manipulating the local Toreador, make bell-bottoms and wide lapels fashionable again.