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silverback gorilla strength

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  • silverback gorilla strength

    I'm thinking 8? does that sound about right to anyone?

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    It's difficult to say, because primates don't tend to just cooperate with ridiculous human gym activities on command. 6 ought to check most boxes, though, since it's higher than what humans can get. You can also have them exert extra effort, if need be; the difficulty to do so is probably lower than for humans.


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      Yeah I was waffling between 7 and 8 based on a well trained human max lift 900 lbs. vs Silverback Gorilla doubling that lifting 1800 pounds 6 seems low but I'm not sure 8 isn't too high. May go with 7.


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        My two cents is 6-7 dots.


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          Just made a ghoul body guard, argued for a 10 strength and I said no way, but I didn't want to sell him short he has spent a bunch of exp on animalism, games should be fun, and I agreed it should be stronger than human maximum 5. I think 7 plus a 1 Potence is more than enough to intimidate his enemies. If that's a little high I can live with it.

          PS thanks guys for the suggestions.


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            This is weird. I remember reading Gods and Monsters, of M20, and they had African Elephants at like 8-9 str. How tf does that compute with silverback str at 8?


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              Part of the problem is that different in-game metric value Strength differently, making real world benchmarks hard.

              Using the Feats of Strength table for animals gives them Strength ratings that don't measure up at all to things like doing damage in combat (depending on the animal this disparity could go in either direction).


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                Some 'fact's for Gorilla strength including Silverback.

                I'd take it with a grain of salt though since 'strength' can represent a number of different qualities (not just how much you can lift at any given time, but lift and carry over a prolonged period, etc.) but it can also be variable depending on musculature and arm arrangement (human and gorilla differ here significantly IIRC) but also the kinds of muscle fibers and the numbers 'recruited' to be used (its not always muscle mass.)

                Remember too that there is upper and lower body strength. Someone with strong legs can kick hard, but also run very fast (just as someone who can punch hard can also punch very fast. Acceleration.)

                using the lifting/breaking chart from Revised it would probably correlate (lifting around 1200-1800 lb) to Str 9-10. I'm not sure how confident I am of declaring that though since I'm also not sure a gorilla would punch through a brick wall. (Also by that same site I mentioned above a 'trained' human should technically be capable of Strength 6 easily. Might want to keep that in mind.
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                  Blurb on various online sources state a Gorilla is 4-9 times stronger than a human. Presumably this is an average human - which we should assume is about 2 dots, I guess. The deadweight lift on two dots is 45kg (in V5, at least. I’d have to check if other editions are the same).

                  So, at the lowest end, 4 times 45kg is 180kg - which ties it to a 4 dot rating - the strength of a human in prime condition.

                  At the highest end, 9 times 45kg is 405Kg - which seems a little low to me in some ways, but is nevertheless off the human scale. Thing is, the 5 star rating of a human says 250kg is what they can lift - but I’m not sure if the World record is beyond this, so the scale may be a bit off anyway. A powerful Gorilla, again according to online sources, can lift up to 800+kg, which is way more than double of the world record for humans.

                  The V5 scale is abstracted and doesn’t have a regular interval of values between dots, but it isn’t exponential either. So I’d say that a big, strong Gorilla is probably about 8 dots. Maybe a super-gorilla could lift more.
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                    5 + 2 dots of "Potence"/automatic successes, or alternatively incorporate a Might ability for additional dice.

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                      The M20 Gods and Monsters book gives gorillas (and other large apes) Str ratings from 6-8. That book's animals in general look more realistically constructed to me than the ones in the V20 and M20 corebooks.


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                        7 feels right to me.

                        You've gotta remember that technical strength doesn't translate linearly to damage done. a gorrilla punch is much less of a problem than a human weilding a mace, a car crash, or a rifle. Even though the Gorilla is a lot stronger, it's lift isn't that magnificent, and it suffers from the square cubed law being so big.

                        But give it huge size and seven stamina. If it's a ghoul, it's going to be freakishly scary without needing to be 9's. If it can soak with stamina...

                        V5 is not VTM