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  • (V20) Ventrue Titles

    We all know there is nothing Ventrue love more than ceremony and status. It's their bread and butter, and amongst each other is a great source of dignitas. We're talking medals, honorary fraternities, random horse donations and platinum membership cards.

    My question to the forums would be, what are cool/fun/random titles and honors you've used or seen. Or made up.

    Furthermore, I believe Carthage should be destroyed.

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    Camarilla titles + Ventrue specific titles already give you plenty to choose from.


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      Oh man, there's so many!

      Here's some fraternities.

      Here's some medals.

      Here's some other stuff.

      The Enquerry has you covered for horse donations.

      The stuff there is either by or originally by OWbN. It's all fan-made and it's awesome. I've gotten a ton of mileage from it in my game, which has focused a lot on the Ventrue. Clanmates love to show up to formal gatherings wearing medals, pins, insignias, and other physical tokens of their accomplishments and dignitas. They love being introduced by heralds and subordinates in long and flowery manners such as, "The Right Honorable Gerousiastis Matheson, whip emeritus, blue consul of the Assembly of Colors, brother of the Order of the Crescent Moon, member first class of the Order of the Hawk Royale, and knight banneret of the Order of the White Cross.”

      I've also tried to find ways to make that stuff relevant to non-Ventrue PCs to increase its relevance. The Tremere PC in my game, who has Ventrue Friendship, received the Dobrynya’s Blade award from the clan for killing a Tzimisce. When he had a meeting with a couple Ventrue, he showed up wearing it, along with the separate pin he owned for being a proven friend to the clan. The Ventrue won't ever give non-clanmates as many or as prestigious awards as one of their own, but they recognize that handing out those tokens is a helpful way to make non-Ventrue physically recognize and further value the clan's favor.

      One idea that's not mentioned under any of those links is awards for city-specific achievements. Ventrue who distinguished themselves in Chicago's war against the Lupines, who participated in the reconquest of New York, who helped capture Mexico City, etc. all might receive unique awards from their clan elders. This is pretty similar to the military's practice of handing out awards for participation in specific campaigns.

      Another idea is awards for mastery of various Disciplines, which can create a bit of a catch-22. Do you wear the token showing you're a master of Auspex with all five dots to wow and impress your clanmates... or do you keep it secret so that no one can plan around you having those powers?

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