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v20 dark ages. Help with ideas for road change?

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  • v20 dark ages. Help with ideas for road change?

    We're playing a game of vampire. We started in Roman era and after several time skips, we've ended up in the middle ages. I'm playing a Watcher Salubri so far on humanity. His humsnity has ended up quite low, so my GM said I could switch from humanity, because it's going to be hard to survive on it. He is Chibese, and influenced by Confucianism to a point, although his personal philosophy is a mix of stuff because he's spent so long in Europe, India and Persia as well.

    We are not at a point where the Tremere are trying to destroy Saulot and the Salubri. In our game due to events, the Salubri don't get wiped out and there's a war between Tremere and Salubri. Things mostly issues stay the same except there's more Salubri warriors in modern day. Saulot still gets diablerized though.

    He collects occult items and is a "capitalist" trader but that's mostly a rouse and he's a thief of the Watchers. By this point he has managed to amass a rather large trading company though, which has taken a lot of his time and effort. He's also a traveller without much if a permanent haven by this point He often does things of his own volition and isn't much of a leader (except to his childer) and even less of a follower to anyone except his sire who hasn't seen in years) and saulot (who he hasn't seen in nearly a lifetime).

    He's going to be ok with killing Tremere (which is the major change from his Humanity path) and maybe others (but killing isn't a major thing) and he's constantly lying and travelling. The main thing I think though, is that he's not going to go full out on the war, but more often working on protection, the protection of his clan, of his sect of clan, his coterie, and his personal possessions such as a trading empire and. I think the word protection feels quite important to his new road, although there will no protection or mercy for those who side with the Tremere. Sometimes the best protection is to kill Tremere, but other times to not kill them.

    All this would probably mean doing some very inhuman stuff.

    Any ideas as to which Road would fit?

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    Sounds like a pretty straightforward Road of Kings guy.


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      Originally posted by CajunKhan View Post
      Sounds like a pretty straightforward Road of Kings guy.
      The whole Oaths thing really doesn't fit. He's very likely to break an oath to save his own skin


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        Grey Hunter, then.


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          Well, I also think that the Road of Kings is perhaps his most likelty Road. It will mean that he'll have to change some stuff in how he lives his unlife but in the end having Cainites on a Road where they do, according to the Road, bad things from time to time in their self-interest shouldn't be anything new among Caine's brood. Not all people on a Road are or end up as a paragons after all.