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V5: Creating SPCs?

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    Originally posted by CTPhipps View Post
    I'm surprised we've moved from NPCs to a new term.
    I personally don't like SPC, I think it should be STC (Story Teller Character) if you're going to move away from NPC.

    As for their creation I create concepts for them, then define strengths and weaknesses. I may give dice pools for strengths and weaknesses but I won't stat them yet. Once I have the characters defined I am ready to use them, I'll use descriptions of how everyone behave around them to give the players an idea of how powerful they are. As most of the interactions of between my players and NPC's tend to not involve dice rolls so them not having stats is not an issue.

    Also the most important thing to remember is that you're players will go their own way through your story and make choices that ignore most of what you have written in favour of some random stuff you made up in the moment