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    It baffles me because VTM should really, really be tapping into the zeitgeist of the moment. With all the doom and gloom we have right now, with all the financial woes and environmental concerns and political partisanship, isn't it time for Vampires to grab the attention? They had a golden goose, and when they said they'd have a TV show, I believed them; the stage was set and the setup was perfect. But they killed that goose and ate it's meat. It sold well initially because it was new, because of the brand, and because the people who were really into it were really loud about it. But it lacked the punch, the struggle, the rage, the relentless pessimism; of course it was going to fizzle out.

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      Originally posted by Undead rabbit View Post
      The real problem is selling after that. When the "next big thing" comes out and you are not shiny as before.
      Comic books have the sample problem - which is why Marvel and DC lean so heavily on the next big cross over event and to stop the end of world or something. RPG's can't do the same thing.


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        Originally posted by SavageGM View Post

        Well it’s the same price on DrivethruRPG as Modiphius for the pdf and some people like their collection in one spot. Granted if they offered a POD option on Drivethru it may do better on that site than it currently is.

        I do like that DTRPG has all collected in one spot, but the majority of people, even gamers, only know about DTRPG when the game's website offers only PDFs on that site as an option. Most seasoned gamers still prefer their games in dead tree format, only using PDFs for reference on their phone or tablet when away from their collection. And DTRPG isn't offering print on demand options for these new editions simply because it would be pointless. With full retail support, V5 books are WAY WAY cheaper in local gaming stores than they are ordered online as a print on demand option, especially when ordering from outside the U.S. For example, in Canada, high quality retail books are a good 40 or 50 bucks cheaper than high quality POD and then having it shipped.


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          Originally posted by KarlB View Post
          Most seasoned gamers still prefer their games in dead tree format...
          I'm a seasoned gamer, and at this point in my life I actually prefer digital copies, such as PDF and format for Kindle.


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            PDF's have their place in the digital market, for me personally POD of classic out of print books is one of the greatest benefits and reason to use DTRPG, while simultaneously I love the fact that its an outlet for material that would otherwise never be published by amateur designers/writers.

            That said when it comes to core role-playing games in my groups, games we play in person, it has to be the real thing. In fact, digital devices are outlawed at the table, so in our game you wouldn't be allowed to have a tablet even if it was to read a PDF. We have found that electronics suck the oxygen out of social occasions and create too many distractions. As a GM I especially hate it because I don't know if your taking notes, looking up a PDF or texting your girlfriend. I find it rather rude to have a device out at a session.


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              This thread appears to exist to gloat about V5 and is not only being closed with EXTREME prejudice but an infraction for PMark.

              But welcome back!

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