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  • V5 Clan Tzimisce

    Hello vamily, im here the present to you a homebrew we did with much love, hope you like it.

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    Not a fan of V5 and while this is not my taste I cannot deny the attention to the detail and effort not only in homebrewing the rules but formating the PDF so I take my hat in respect.

    If I may add something is that maybe opposed rolls should be added to fleshcraft for balance as a fixed diff of 3 is nothing for a mildy efficient Tzimisce but overall great work


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      I like it a lot! amazing work!

      I saw it in another place that they gave them Dominate instead of Auspex. Not sure why. Also, I think they are now called formally "Old Clan" if I am not mistaken. The amalgam with Auspex is kinda weird (again, I saw it in another place as well). Usually, you get an amalgam with two clan disciplines, as we have with Dementation.


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        I don't like the Dominate replacing Auspex. Dracula's hypnotism much more closely resembles Animalism 3 than full mind-control. He induces lethargy, he doesn't command you. And Auspex 3 is needed to duplicate his ability to see through the senses of those he has given blood to. Dracula has Animalism, Auspex, Potence, Protean, and Weather Control . Moreover, the Tzims are also based on Necroscope Wamphyri, and telepathy and superhuman senses are far more ubiquitous than hypnotism in Wamphyri.


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          Just like the post above I don't like the addition of Dominate to the Clan. In fact I reject any suggestion where the Tzimisce have any Discipline connected social manipulation like Dominate or Presence.

          In my opinion the Tzimisce ruled by fear because they simply didn't have a solid way to base their rule on Dominate or Presence. Hence fear remained when they could not reliably force obedience or love from their subjects by supernatural means.

          Giving them Dominate would affect the whole concept of the Clan in the Ventrue/Lasombra direction and I think we don't need another one there.


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            While it's probably better than what we'll end up with, my main objection is to the plethora of mutually exclusive Amalgam powers. I like the variable Discipline lineup done like the Hecata (although I feel like the Tzimisce have less of an excuse to have such a wide spread?) but linking Malleable Visage and Fleshcraft to Dominate and then Sadistic Surgery to Auspex, but leaving Sadistic Surgery as a qualifier for just sits strangely. The first level powers seem like they should be level 2, given their strength and the Rouse checks required, and I suspect they weren't mostly because it's expected that the player will want Feral Weapons then. I also think a lot of the wording is too wishy-washy, like "The Storyteller may decide to give Stains, Willpower damage, or Frenzy checks when using these powers, and the user may need dots of Medicine." Even if it's just an optional rule it should give baselines, like the Warded Haven requiring specifically Occult 3.


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              I really like the write up, and the obvious work that went into it.

              I also object than given them Dominate instead of Auspex. For me Auspex always represented the more spiritual side of them.
              I still would rather describe that there is an Old Clan that uses Dominate instead of Protean.
              The Amlagam for Fleshcrafting could easily rewritten into, Protean + Auspex/Animalism Powers

              Melleable Visage (Auspex would for me be the obvious choice)
              Sadistic Surgery (Also Auspex but Animalism could also be possible )
              Fleshcraft (Auspex and or even Fortitude (to make it stick)) but that would be out of clan.

              The Warforms I like very much - especially as these are also for the other Protean clans. Good!

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                Yeah, Dominate is just a horrible, horrible choice to give Tzimisce. It doesn't fit in with the sort of fiction that inspired them whatsoever.


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                  Good work. Really love the weakness and frenzy quirk that you've come to, but not a big fan of Vicissitude as amalgams. I always though that it would be retooled as a ritual form of Protean.


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                    Very nice! Honestly, I agree with this discipline spread: Dominate fits the Old Clan better than Auspex ever did.


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                      At Storyteller discretion. At Storyteller discretion. At Storyteller discretion. At Storyteller discretion. (8000x)


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                        As many people says, not a fan of Dominate as clan discipline. If i had to switch a discipline I would chose blood sorcery. Anyways I think is a good job. I like the anchors system.


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                          It fits V5 really well. I actually dig the fashion spread, though they are a bit samey. The Art here is better than in the corebook!

                          That said, It's very V5. I don't like it. Turning Vicissitude into protean takes a lot of the horror out of it (and breaks some established metaphysics), whilst allowing fleshcrafters into the Camarilla...

                          For ease of reference: "VTM" means every edition that isn't V5, because V5... it's a very different product, and I don't want to write "Pre-V5" because that's lame and I'm lazy.


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                            Not a fan of dominate as a clan discipline, but the art work is excellent, and the production professional, I also like the Anchor system, and the Archetypes are interesting takes on the core themes.


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                              This is a beautiful write-up. I'd be happy with the Fiends in V5 if this was the route taken.

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